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Welcome to The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's Wiki. You are probably familiar with Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can add material to and edit. The Cauldron's Wiki is a portion of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum's web site that members of The Cauldron's message board can edit. If you are a member of The Cauldron's message board, you have the ability to add and edit pages in many areas of The Cauldron Wiki. Like the rest of our web site, anyone can read it.

Pages from this wiki can be referenced from the forum with the wiki bbcode. For example, to reference this page: [wiki=start]Cauldron Wiki Homepage[/wiki] or to reference the page on Feri: [wiki=pagan:feri]Cauldron Wiki Feri Page[/wiki].

Editing pages is easy. Markup for formatting is very simple. You can learn about it here: Formatting Syntax. You can also use basic bbcodes (b, i, u, url, img, list, *) – however, upper case bbcodes do not work and images within a url link are not supported.

Please be sure that all pages you create link back to this page either directly (via a link on this page) or indirectly (through links on other pages that eventually link back to this page).

This project links to resources for traditions, gods, polytheisms and movements that you probably haven't heard of: rare, niche, or outside the Pagan cultural mainstream. It celebrates the diversity of the Pagan world, and helps connect Seekers who are still unsure of their place to groups they never knew they wanted to be a part of.

This list is crowdsourced: please add new links as you encounter them, so long as they meet the criteria.

Project manager: Haptalaon. Please get in touch if you want to join the project team.

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