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Fencraft (Pagan animism/trad witchcraft/cunning craft/folklore)
After ten years not really fitting into eclecticism, Wicca, druidry, eco-paganism, fairy faith, ceremonial magic, bioregional animism, or traditional witchcraft - I made my own. Fencraft is bits of all of that, minus the bits that weren't working for me, and knitted together into a coherent whole.

It's a framework for revering the land, and the lost gods of the land, the forgotten-spirits of folklore, and the creatures at the thin places. It's a partial attempt to revive the Cunning Craft, blending observation of the natural world, with mystic and trance skills. It's got a step by step, 101 handbook, because I like a good to do list.

I'm a disabled/nonworking chap living in South Wales. I spend a lot of time in the woods. I'm passionate about tailoring/dressmaking. I'm a librarian/teacher by vocation, so always excited to have an opportunity to teach or distribute resources; I'm very into open source culture. Also, let me translate your Latin for you.

I've been an active pagan for at least a decade, and committed to my current pathway for around three years.

I want to connect with more people in real life. I want to grow my path beyond just me, if I can find anyone who seems like a fit for it. And I want to learn some proper ritual/trance state skills to deepen my devotional practice, if you can connect me with resources or training. I tend to focus on mysticism/devotion, rather than spells, which are not my thing at all.

I'm quite serious about my pagan vocation, and am hoping to work towards a "priesthood" role in the future - again, I welcome sharing resources or training to help me study for that.

I really, really appreciate that the Cauldron is still here, the role it's had in my craft historically, and the survival of non-social-media online pagan spaces.
Tailoring, sewing, languages, painting, music...
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Fencraft Handbook: Seekers of the Landweird: for land-trance, pagan animism, folklore and traditional witchcraft
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