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Beklager, men norsken min er elendig. I do indeed reside in Norway, but I am originally from the United States. I speak English exclusively but can read some Norwegian.

I used to label what I do as witchery, but it's an imperfect label.

Depending on your point of view, I could be called a polytheist, or a pantheist, or an atheist, or a humanist, or an agnostic. I think that there are probably some ancestors and/or wights that are more widely acknowledged than others. They are 'larger than life' and perhaps that is why they are perceived as deities by some.

I have a strong animistic streak in me and tend to address animals, trees, plants, rocks, and man-made objects as if we are in conversation. I find that if I am respectful and speak as if a reply was expected, I will occasionally receive one.
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Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.  — Shirley Chisholm
No doubt the truth can be unpleasant, but I am not sure that unpleasantness is the same as the truth.  — Roger Ebert
It is difficult to get a person to understand something when their livelihood depends upon them not understanding it. — Upton Sinclair (adapted)
People cannot be reasoned out of an opinion that they have not reasoned themselves into. — Fisher Ames (adapted)
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