Scarab carvings and other magical objects

Hello I’m into healing magic and have purchased a few scarab carvings on them are hieroglyphics. I’ve worked out the main spell before purchase and now look forward to discovering more with the help of my senses. I would be interested if anyone  could point me in the right direction for other countries magical pieces that are easily obtainable.

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New Toy

I now own a Shopsmith Mark V. I bought it second- or third-hand from a man whose father had bought it in 1980, but got very little use out of it before he developed health problems. His son inherited it about ten years back but never used it, and when no one in the family wanted it he put it up for sale on Craigslist.

The basic machine is convertible to a table saw, drill press, horizontal boring machine, wood lathe, and disc sander. I also received a bandsaw accessory (powered by the main unit’s motor) and some basic shaping tools.

Now to learn how to use it!

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been a member here for a while, but I haven’t returned till now. So I thought I would reintroduce myself. I’m Anubisa or I am also called Sat-Anubis (daughter of Anubis). You can probably tell by my name that my principal god is Anubis. He is my patron deity. My matron deity is Bast. Odd pair. Lol! A crazy fact, I have three Egyptian tattoos on my upper arms. One of Lord Anubis on my right arm and two of the Ankh and Eye of Horus on my left arm. They are all in dark blue and gold themes, except for Lord Anubis which has a variety of colors. My tattoo artist rocks! Anyway, I’m an Egyptian Wiccan. I transitioned in my late 20’s after Lord Anubis helped me overcome my fear of the dark. Before then I dabbled in Celtic and Norse Wicca, but neither seemed really right. Now that I am an Egyptian Wiccan, I feel like I have found the right sect and everything is just right in my mind. Personally, I live in West Virginia. I have two Yorkshire Terriers. I also live with my parents. Well that’s a bit about me. Have a good day everyone!

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I’m Graefell, a recent addition to the Craft. Starting reading a lot last year and have been slowly building my solitary craft from there. I’m non-binary or Enby. I’m cool with he/him or they/them. I’ve mostly gravitated towards Odin, Hermes, Aprhodite, Pan, and Thoth. I have a modest cabinet and always looking to expand it. Very interested in herbs, scrying, runes, candle magick, and anything to do with identity and sexuality. Just excited to see the individuals and communities out there!
Outside the Craft, I’m a classical musician, bookworm, history nerd, and Francophile.

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astral Plane travels.

Greetings and salutations.

Do any of you ever travel to the astral planes in your dreams?, I do, and I was just wondering if our experiences are similar, so I would appreciate it if you posted them.

And by that I mean what the area looked like, what animals live in it, what kind of people live there, what vegetation grows there, and who is in charge of that local area.

Thanks.  8)

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Creating Your Own Divination System

Tarot.Tea Leaves.Coffee Grounds.Auspicy.Astrology.

These are just some examples of divination systems that people use to commune with the supernatural and the Divine alike. However, I’m wondering if anyone has ever created their own divination system, where the symbols or tools that one uses has their own unique meanings, and thus, the system can only be used by the user.

For example, my friend created a system with deer antler tips (tines). Each tine has a unique energy and meaning; as such, the system is not replicable, i.e., I could do this system, but my set of tines will have different meanings than hers.

Has anyone ever done this?

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Requesting Prayers/Magic for Mr. Morag

Hey all,

So Mr. Morag, AKA the Ogre, Swampborn, First of His Name, Father of Snark, has come home sick today with kidney stones.

He is in an incredible amount of pain (though finally he’s dozed off, thank heavens; I’m hoping some sleep will do him some good), which is something as the man has a very high pain tolerance.

No fever, but he can’t keep solid food down. We are holding off going to the ER for now, but I’m monitoring him closely and will take him if we decide it warrants it. The main thing they’ll be able to do anyway is scan and see the size of the thing. The painkillers they give don’t work on him.

I asked him if it would be okay if I posted and asked for prayers and magic, and he gave swear-word laden permission (half of the swear words were from pain, I’m sure; the other half from his militant agnosticism).

So any kidney-stone breaking up magic you got, please send it his way.

Many thanks.

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On the term “Syncretism”

Hello all,

I’m sharing this thread from Twitter as a conversation-starter. Bordeaux criticises “syncretism” as the only term used for combo-religion, and proposes a couple of synonyms with slightly different nuances – so that we can use more than one word to discuss this phenomeon, approaching it from different angles and with a different kind of emphasis.

I’m pretty sure I learnt the term “syncretism” from the Cauldron back in the day. I want to emphasise that the intent isn’t to criticise or start a fight, more like…because this is a term used a lot here, I thought it might interest people as it interested me :) and be a conversation starter.

What do we all think? Are these alternative angles/words useful? Are there other synonyms for “syncretism” which you use, and why (or in what contexts) do you prefer them?

(Somewhat unrelated, but I was talking on my personal tumblr last night about complex/contradictory genders (like agender lesbian or genderqueer man), and that we could understand them in two different ways:

  • The first being like a cake, with separate ingredients mixed into a new whole where you can no longer see the original ingredients
  • the second being like, a pile of different coloured tissue paper, glass or acetate tossed on top of each other, creating a wholly new colour in the center, but with the original colours all visible at the fringes, and existing in a definite Order; one of my friends suggested the layers of a musical piece, and that works nicely too, where there’s a complete new thing in the center but you can pick out the differences between the bass line and harmony too.

I mention that because it feels relevant to looking at syncretic/hybridised/creole deities and religions, in terms of whether…the outcome is a kind of cake, or a pile of layered (but partially see-through) coloured glass.)

Over to you!

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Is Druidry Initiatory?

So I thought to post this here because, after a few internet searches, I really couldn’t find much on this.

As someone pointed out in a previous thread, ‘Druidry’ is a pretty broad category/grouping, with a lot of variety and difference between many of the communities within it. Because of that, I have a feeling the answer to the question of initiation will vary masssively depending on community and tradition.

This is supported by what I’ve found so far, where OBOD is an initiatory tradition/community, ADF is an initiatory church and BDO (according to a dm between us) prefer not to initiate their students because they don’t want to exert that level of control over them – instead, they offer a self-dedication ritual as part of their distance-learning course for the student to complete on their own.

The situation is further confused when, looking over several basic-introduction type webpages, books and threads about Druidry, initiation is not mentioned to the same extent or with the same emphasis as, say, the same pages on Wiccan traditions, which is of course highly initiatory. When I looked at the Druid Network’s page ‘How Does One Become a Druid?’, initiation is not mentioned and even when OBOD and BDO are, there isn’t a whole lot of emphasis on their training courses, with the main focus being on private study and practice (which, of course, does involve looking into local groves and reading widely).

I apologise if I’ve got anything wrong here – I’m not a Druid myself, though I am seeking to enter the tradition, hence this thread. So, to what extent is Modern Druidry initiatory? I personally have some hesitation in signing up for OBOD and BDO training, for individual reasons. I know of a local grove, though I’m not sure as of yet how good a fit we are (I’ll find out when I eventually make it to a ZOOM meeting!). I do a lot of reading, which I’ve found huge success with in my spiritual life and I’m now looking at the free resources listed on the Druid Network’s website, which involve a few year-long courses I could take on my own.

Anyway, I’d be really interested to see what people on here think of the question. Blessings and thanks.

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New Start, New Introduction!

Hey everyone! You can call me Seb, Coyote, Feathers, whatever else you’d like. She/her or they/them pronouns, doesn’t matter which. As you can see by my post count, I’m not new to the forum, but I’ve been absent for a couple years now and have enough new to say to make another introduction.

I started my pagan journey in elementary school with some friends when we were all convinced that we were Charmed-brand fireball-throwing witches. Of course I grew out of that, never jived with my Protestant upbringing, tried Wicca (it didn’t click), and meandered around for a long time without much direction.

As of late, I’ve found myself trending towards forms of ancestor worship. That involves building a tree of named ancestors, as far back as I can go (lucky me, my parents have already done most of the genealogical heavy lifting), looking into my DNA ancestry and finding where the population my ancestors were part of came from and migrated to, and researching their cultures and beliefs as much as possible.

Being primarily of British and a bit of French descent, I’m pretty much exclusively researching Germanic and Celtic peoples, though I like to go a bit further and try to dig into earlier Indo-European cultures as well. Just learning about my ancestors’ lives and who they were is satisfying in a spiritual way, but I’d also like to start incorporating aspects of their religions into my own ritual. I haven’t clicked with any deities yet, but currently I feel a bit more connected with the Celtic ones than the Germanic.

So that’s my spiel, hopefully I stick around for a bit this time!

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