Howdy, A southern introduction

Howdy ya’ll. A little about me: I’m about 8 days from being 36 and going on about 20 years or so of practicing energy manipulation and I have been using the Thoth tarot deck for divination about the same amount of time. I have a very strong affinity with the element of spirit and ,to some lesser degree, the element of fire as well. I am also an empath. As a result of that and other things that I have as gifts I managed to develop a spell that can change people’s emotions to pretty much anything I want. I have only tried two however. I’ve made someone breakdown crying with sadness and depression only 1 time, the other 20+ times I’ve done it was to bring someone out of depression. That’s about it as far as what I can think of but if anyone has any questions for please feel free to ask.

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I was wondering how music is involved in your practices? or maybe not at all. If you find it beneficial for meditation, raising energy, prayer, services, or maybe trance work? If so, what kinds of music works the best for you?

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It’s going great, thanks! (A thread for what’s working for us right now.)

I thought it might be fun and interesting to have a thread for talking about what’s working in our practices and religious lives right now. Have at it!

(Note: this thread is in the Pagan Religions forum for a reason – it’d be great to focus on the specifically Pagan stuff here, since there are different kinds of challenges and successes in different religious structures and communities. Feel free to start other threads in other appropriate forums if you’d like to focus on other paths or mixtures of practices or beliefs.)

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Unverified, and *unverifiable* Personal Gnosis

I had considered putting this in one of the social/fun forums, since it’s basically a headcanons thread, but one with a bit more depth and meaning for some of us as pagans.

Recently I felt a request for an offering of music from a band that certainly didn’t exist or sound like anything that did exist in my patron’s lifetime.  Worst case scenario, I’ll have downloaded some good workout tunes that I would have overlooked( as having been adjacent to, but not actually a part of, my personal interests when I was in the regular music listening/clubbing stage of life) if not for feeling his weirdly excited vibes about it.

But it just made me wonder what, if not too personal, you all have in the way of odd, distinctly modern offerings, if any.

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20 20 Vision years ahead

I have started a folder on this subject ready for the new year I’ve only added a few ideas and is an on going project my spells so far are.

10 Interactive
11 Chart
12 Division

I think it is a very important year ahead and I’m preparing myself for the time that said any input of your own you would like to contribute.

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Hello Everyone

Hello! My name is Ember, 24 years old and I’m relatively new to Wicca, and paganism in general. While I prefer a solitary path (for the moment, I wish to form a private relationship with the God and the Goddess) I also value the importance of seeking wisdom from others.

I was raised roman catholic, but after years upon years of not getting it, having differing beliefs, and being “at odds” with it, I’ve decided to follow a path that I feel has called to me for years

In the week that I’ve studied and thought (I’ve begun by reading Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner) I’ve found myself more spiritually fulfilled than I have in ages. I’m taking it slow, eschewing rituals and magic for the moment to attune to the divine, learning how to slow myself down and focus on the wonder of nature, and in general, follow a gentle tempo of discovery and wonder, as opposed to diving right in.

I have many questions of course, and while I’m unsure if the solitary path is still controversial, I’m excited to learn more about myself, our world, the Divines, and continuing to develop a relationship in a way I have never felt before

At the risk of sounding like a newbie, but in the most honest of intentions, blessed be, and I hope I get to know many of you on this so far wonderful journey

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