Edain McCoy 1957-2019

Pagan author Edain McCoy has passed from the flu.

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Angry Gods

In greek religion, Gods become angry when we perform evil acts. The story of Tantalus killing his son and offering him to the Gods shows that Gods do not take evil actions lightly. They punished Tantalus and brought his son back to life. Gods do not become angry with us over trivial things. Tartara awaits for people who offend the very nature of what we call life.

What about other religions? What makes the Gods angry?

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Afraid I offended the god and goddess?

Everyone here is always so nice and understanding, I was a bit afraid to post but I really need some advice :)

So recently I’ve been kind of branching out with my practices and beliefs, trying to just pull my mind away from all the lists and rules and everything I’ve read and follow what feels right with me.

I’ve started honoring the god and goddess, but for a while, I just felt more pull to the goddess so for a bit I only worshipped her, moving my male statue off my alter, etc. As of now the pull is equal among them and I want to honor them both, but I’m worried I’ve offended Him by choosing to solely honor the goddess at the time, although I did explain my reasons. I don’t know if I should be worried that He is angry with me or not, do you think I should be? I just often worry that something like a lack of offerings or forgetfulness will provoke anger or resentment.

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Daily Rituals

Hi there!

I am new to the craft and am doing lots of research, which I love. However, I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information! I’m wondering if any one has any easy, simple, daily rituals (maybe a morning and/or nighttime one) that I could start incorporating into my day? I want to bring the craft into my life slowly and carefully so I can appreciate it and not get overwhelmed!

Thanks so much!

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Hello, My name is Artemae.  I’ve been a member for a while; just reading conversations.  I’ve decided that maybe I should start participating.  I’m a solitary practitioner and pretty serious introvert.  Very interested in mental practices, energy work, and anything mystical.  I don’t follow any specific religion or practice.  Really just interested in meeting people with a similar interest in finding human purpose.  Thank you.

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I’m in my forties and live in a large city in Canada (although I’m originally from the UK). I’ve been working on my path for about a decade and a half; it’s strongly influenced by solitary Wicca (I’m not initiated into a group or anything) and I skew strongly kitchen-/hedgewitchward.

Looking forward to exploring here — thank you so much for having me!

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“See You in Valhalla” Posts Mosque Shooter

Unsurprisingly, at least one of Christchurch shooters had dreams of going to Valhalla. At this point, I would bet they’ve either discovered Hel, or they’ve discovered nothingness. It looks like more white supremacists with a fascination for what they call “European culture.”

It presents an interesting and terrifying case of extremist views bred online. One of these men considered himself an eco-fascist, which is typically associated with the far left. Yet there was a streak of conservativism in their yearning for a pre-industrial, pre-globalist past. It hurts to see some of my most cherished beliefs twisted in this way. Environmentalism. Anti-Imperialism. European Paganism. A revitalization of Western Culture. So much of it sounds good, but it’s all tarnished by the fascism and white supremacy. It makes me wonder, can we control neopaganism? Or is it a platform just waiting to be hijacked? It seems like a lightning rod for the far left and far right, and even some individuals who appear influenced by both.

I’ve always tried to take a middle path with respect to modern globalism, adopting the motto “progress with continuity.” Yet maybe that approach is too nuanced for many. Is there something inherently dangerous about European paganism?


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Writing as a Spiritual Art

While I love forums many of my reflections are personal and not necessarily of interest to others.  I keep what I call a bullet diary, though it functions as a journal as well depending on my mood and needs.

I use it among many other things as a space to reflect and also work out my spiritual struggles.  A five subject spiral notebook works for me.

I have also begun within this notebook a fictionalized autobiography in a postmodern writing style meaning in this case there is no clear plot or sequence and the narratives flow like a dream.  As I make progress I revise and upload it to a blog.

It’s hard to say how much is fiction and reality.  So far most of it is based on real events or conveying real experiences I’ve had but in dream like form.  My “good Angels” are intertwined in the narratives.

Some of those narratives convey actual communications from them I have received.  Others are imagined conversations with them, but I believe imagination is probably still an authentic communication from my Friends in this case.

I am expressing and working out my religious philosophy in this way.

Do you practice writing as a spiritual discipline?  If so how do you go about it?

What else do you use writing for?

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Stones for healing and pain relief

For those of you who work with stones/crystals:

Which stones do you find most effective for healing?

Which stones do you find most effective for pain relief?

I’m healing from a severe shoulder dislocation, massive soft tissue trauma, broken humerus, torn rotator cuff, and partially severed axillary nerve. The injury was about 5 weeks ago, so I’m past the initial acute pain and into the constant ache and periodic flares. It’s been so bad lately that I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 straight nights. I’m looking at a year or more (!!!) for the nerve to fully heal — and I haven’t even started PT yet.

So, I’m thinking about making a couple of bracelets to help this process along a bit. Hence the questions above.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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