Seeking turns 10 today!

There’s a long blog post over Seeking itself, with the backstory of why it exists in the form it does, a bunch of changes in my life since I started it, but also this, which is why I’m posting in this folder as opposed to others:


First, thank you to everyone out there who’s told me an article here really helped them. Thanks to all of you who’ve linked the site or an article, or recommended it to someone. I love getting notes from people, or seeing a reference link come through my statistics dashboard, and realising it’s helped someone.

And thanks to my friends, who put up with me figuring out how to phrase something, and to my various tradmates and witchy students who’ve gotten the earliest iterations of this work out of me.

Most especially, thanks to all the folks at The Cauldron over the years who have asked great questions. I’d guess at least half of the articles here either started as a reply I made there, or were directly inspired by a discussion.

I’m also thinking about the future, so if you have feedback on particularly wanting any of the following, let me know. (Here, or PM, or the contact form on the site all work fine. Note that I don’t generally write about stuff that’s at least not somewhat part of my own practice of witchcraft, so there are things I’m not going to tackle.)

The end of that post also has some notes about my priorities for the moment:

  • Filling in gaps in the existing material so that there’s a more cohesive line of things to read in order for specific common questions.
  • Continuing to talk about adaptations for practice and learning for different situations, and accessibility options in general.
  • Adding more resources (books, podcasts, and other websites that seem likely to remain stable) to the resource section of articles.

And I’m considering how to pull together articles (with some conjoining text) into focus ebooks. Topics I’m particularly thinking about include:

  • How to go from “maybe I’m interested in this” to building a plan to learn more about witchcraft/religious witchcraft in a way that works for you, and helps you build a foundation of good resources.
  • Developing a daily or regular practice that is flexible enough to adapt your life and changing circumstances.
  • How to go about learning more and deepening your practice over time in a way that’s sustainable and works for you (and your brain and life).
  • Making your practice accessible and sustainable based on your needs (but understanding what trade-offs you might be making, so you can make decisions about them.)

I’m also open to at least thinking about other things (short focused course on something? Something else?) especially if there’s interest.

Thanks again to everyone who’s gotten me thinking about something (or explaining a something) or otherwise made Seeking better.

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Help Finding a Tarot Spread

This may be a long shot, but I’m looking for a specific tarot spread I saw on the Billy Brujo YouTube channel a few years back. The channel has been purged, and I can’t seem to find the spread anywhere else online.

It was done on a large circular table, took multiple steps, and was very long and detailed. I don’t remember many details, but I THINK the idea was that there was an indicator card, you dealt in a circle until you reached that card, read what you had dealt, then reshuffled and dealt again multiple times.

The only other detail I remember was that it MAY have had something to do with the Thoth tarot or Golden Dawn, although that may just have been the deck he used.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Manuscript Completed

At long last (How long? I began work on the characters and concept in 1983!), the first draft of my novel Guardian Angel is complete. Whew!

Although I know that my conservative to fundamentalist theological leanings might be a stumbling block, I’d still like to hear from people outside my own faith tradition as to whether the situations and story work. Especially if you have a background from the UK…my narrator character is written to have a British background, and I’d like to hear if I’ve succeeded in writing a believable British voice and also if there is any place that I can add “Brit-icisms” to add color. So if you have any interest in seeing the story and making comments, feel free to let me know via PM.

Now to see if there is any way to sell it….

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Music and Ritual

I am mostly a solitary practitioner and I do some simple rituals for myself and my pagan practice. I was wondering how people might use music in their rituals, worship, and maybe spellcraft (if you do spellwork).

I know that drumming is popular with some people to raise energy and get into trance states. Do you ever use recorded music? I really get into Peter Gabriel’s Passion soundtrack. Do you have particular music that you use?

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Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual Warrior

Their quavering voices
whisper Wisdom to the Winds.
Casting white clouds,
like smoke signals
magically drifting from fingertips,
their chorus begins…

“Awaken and Listen
to the sacred voice within.
I will teach you how to heal
burns on soul or skin.
Root yourself firmly
always by the Waters of Life
For the First Medicine heals
as well as banishing cares and strife.

My wind-wise rattles
teach the rhythms of Mystery,
as I quake with power.
Spiritual evolution
can be learned
within my shady bower.

Axis Mundi
Wisdom of Ancestors
Center of a sacred dance
Shaping vessels for Creator’s will
From cradle-board to shield,
I will protect and guide
whilst teaching you
how best to yield
Courses of righteous living I confide,
Handling Nature’s spiritual gear,
The secrets of astral travel,
Transcending self and fear

You are never alone
Each step you take
backed by a thousand Ancestors
Stand in your Truth
True triumph
over adversity
comes each time
we choose
not to yield
to Life’s perversity.”

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in Nature; a star, stone, animal, plant etc that holds lessons of Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing today?

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A bit of ritual, a bit of movement

Laura Tempest Zakroff (dancer, author, witch, other things) has started doing a series of short (10-15 minute) movement videos she’s calling Witchuals.

They’re on her YouTube Channel (no handy playlist at the moment).

For people who have movements they can’t do (or whose bodies object to trying), most of the movements are gentle, and there’s lots of encouragement to do what works for you. She’s planning some chair-based ones down the road.

The themes for the day are a mix of things – some days she’s pulling a card for inspiration, some days are focused on deities (for inspiration, not direct prayer/worship), etc. I’ve done four of the five so far, and they’re just about in my perfect sweet spot for movement and stretching without too much exertion.

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Check out this bird friend!

Housemate spotted this beauty sitting on the swingset in the backyard.

(Just linking to the tweet image rather than argue with the board’s upload.)×4096

Hey Altair or anyone else who knows birds – I think it’s a juvenile redtail, maybe? Spouseperson suggested a broad-winged but I think there’s too much white on the breast?

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Hello All!

Introduction post, go. I’m 34, married, cisgender pansexual, happy dog mom, gardener, baker. I was raised in Ohio as a Mormon (LDS) and left the church when finally someone told me gays were excommunicated. I knew I was pan then (well bisexual, the term Pan wasn’t known to me then) so fled best I can (think 14 year old locking herself in the bathroom on Sunday morning, but giving no reason because she wasn’t ready to actually come out. Sorry Mom). In my process of fleeing I tried to shove religions into my soul to find something to replace what I tore out. I had a spiritual affinity for nature and ended up at Wicca (I believe it was a book called Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf that was my first step on this path). It spiraled and jumped around a lot. But eventually I just DEVOURED Scott Cunningham books. His work resonated beautifully.

During that time I was in a very intense long distance relationship for about ten years. I considered myself an eclectic mishmash – Taoist, Druidism, Paganism. But I felt something powerful when I called the elements or spirits into something. I didn’t know what I was doing.

Anyways I did this solitary-teen thing where I bound myself to my then boyfriend (first one, etc) via my septagram in a very melodramatic rite of sorts that ended up with me trusting blindly in him. So when that relationship fell apart, I fell apart. Hard. I felt betrayed by him, by myself, by “God” from before, and ironically I believed in the spirits more because I felt so tied to him /even now/. But I felt I broke it somehow, ruined it. How could I ask for something again? Anyways, I moved from Ohio to South Dakota and literally stripped who I was, left it there, and changed everything about myself.

I don’t like who I am now. So I’m re-stripping and picking up the remnants growing dust that I shed. Therapy got me to a point to trust me. Listen to me. Feel myself. One of the exercises awoke this spiritual attunement. And I had hard clamped down on it before.

The real reason I’m here is to find a community, find where I fit spiritually, and to learn more.

I’m more specifically looking for alternate forms of Wicca or paganism that I may have missed when I was a teen (bookstore only had so much, internet was so new lol). Right now I’m trying to research and learn more about “natural” witches. Maybe because of my Mormon upbringing, I’m distrusting of the ritualistic aspects that come with traditional Wicca. I feel drawn towards something more free-form. I don’t believe so much physical stuff or representation is needed (or rather, it feels dead / cut off to me when I do try; I’m talking scepters and bells and athames, etc). I also do not believe in the deities (same reason, I feel zilch about them – but respect the stories they can personify/represent), but I do believe in … something more? That’s vague and undefined. Spirits, yes. Fae? Maybe. I’m not sure, I just feel *something* and so here I am trying to research.

I find myself hard and skeptical now. But yet chasing that draw I feel on the wind towards the mystic. So – if anyone had resources that might help me on my path I’ll be eternally grateful! If not, I’m still excited to meet others and learn.

I currently celebrate the Wheel of the Year (simplistically) as it feels right and draws me closer to my garden & cooking. I also use Tarot, but only just started again after all this time.

Looking forward to grow from here.

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Graveyard dirt question

Ya’ll are probably wondering why I’m asking this. Well, it’s just curiosity. I have a friend who practices hoodoo who gets graveyard dirt and I’ve heard about it being used in voodoo and hoodoo. I guess my question is that where do you get the dirt from? I know from a graveyard, that is a given, but you wouldn’t go to some random person’s grave and dig there. I wouldn’t think at least. Do people just use dirt that is not near buried people? It’s a stupid question, but I was wondering if anyone knew.

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