Beginner pagan here – possible calling or something else?

Hey guys!
I’m new to this forum so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong area, but I don’t have any pagan or even witchy friends IRL, so I was hoping for some advice.
Now when I say I am a beginner, I mean I have been dipping my toes in and out of paganism for a while now, however it has always been somewhat apart of my belief system.
Lately, I have been feeling a pull towards the woods, to forests, to nature as a whole. It feels like cabin fever on steroids. It’s almost as if I’ve been feeling homesick for a home I’ve never had. I should also point out that in the UK at the moment, there are a fair few storms going on so I’ve not been able to go out and about, so what I’m essentially trying to figure out is what I’m feeling simply me missing being outdoors, or is this pull I feel something more (or even a sign)?
Again, sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong part of the forum, but just looking for some advice :)

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To find the number of ft per sec, we can divide 316800 ft by 3600 sec. 316800 ft ÷ 3600 sec = 88 ft. per sec. So at 60 mph he is traveling 88 ft.

Well in case you didn’t know cause most people don’t but I know the three cars that saw me tonight definitely thought I was being reckless but actually that one second to me felt like at least 5 seconds maybe more I dunno just was having fun . “Low magic” is low cause only a few of us can weild such a powerful energy, most cant grasp something they can not see, and remember some “spells” take weeks to gain it’s full potency this is not Hollywood it’s reality , Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time and energy… And most of all an open mind…

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Your Gnosis Wishlist

So what are some spiritual conundrums you wish your Powers would just up and solve for you any time now?

This can range from stuff you’re actually reasonably likely to get answers about with some practice or research (such as “How long has [X] practice you keep pushing me at been going on anyway?” or “What name do you want me to use for You?”) to impossible fantasy wishes like “what really happened at the Eleusinian Mysteries?”

In other words–what would you like your next (or first!) great spiritual revelation(s) to be?

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When the religion one thinks one settled for swings along with one’s mood: help!

 It’s been almost one and a half year since I disclosed my chronic religious undecidedness on this forum.
 I think I made some progress not in the process of settling for a religion itself, but in recognizing that emotional responses to what I experience also complicate said process.
 Until some time ago I thought making a list of what and how I would like my religion to be and to have would help me to make up my mind regarding religion, but I was wrong; it’s not enough.
 I noticed that when I thought I’d settled for a religion, something happened emotionally that made me reconsider my decision to settle for that religion.
 I don’t know anyone who’s been through anything like it, but I still think other people can help me.
 I will try to provide more context regarding the religions I’ve considered settling for and how emotional swings change my decision.

 Heathenism is the religion I’ve considered the most from almost two months now. As for my list of desirable traits in a religion it meets #1, #3 (partially), #4 (and #5 may not apply for historical reasons), #6, #7 (partially), #8, #9 (partially), #12, #13, #14, #15 and #16; I’m not sure about #17; a) (to some degree) and b). I see Heathenism as a complete religion and as a religion that has a solid community.
 A positive emotion I feel when I think of coming back to Heathenry is alleviation of my hypochondria and my fear of death in general. I suffer from hypochondria for years now and my doctor says it may be associated with OCD, which I suffer from since I was a teenager.
 A negative emotion I feel when I think of coming back to Heathenry is the sense of being obliged not to do everything I want regarding my sexuality and to stop both questioning and fighting social phenomena like classism and racism, because these can be the result of Divine action; cf. Rígsþula.
 There are people who think there’s no inherent problem with fighting classism and/or racism and still being a Heathen, but I don’t know if the Heathen lore can be stretched enough to acommodate it with no damage to its consistency. The same applies to Heathen groups who emphasize, say, sexual diversity to a degree that didn’t exist in Scandinavia prior to the siðaskipti according to extant sources.
 When I face racism and/or everything I hardly can be, do, have and live because my hair isn’t blond and my eyes aren’t blue, it’s very difficult to keep the process of settling for Heathenism. Then sometimes I make the controversial effort to try to remember everything I am, do, have and live because my having a blond, green-eyed and fair-skinned mother, because my have other very white ancestors and because, in my country, it’s really uncommon for me not to pass as white; most people here consider me white. (Our local idea of white don’t match that of North America.) It makes me try to accept my place in this social order that may be seen as product of Divine action.

 Theistic Satanism is a religion I never practiced, but that I keep thinking about since I started to see that most religions Pagan people try to reconstruct upheld their contemporary status quo, most of which weren’t less oppressive than those there are today. Regarding positive emotions, it’s a religion that inspires me to care about myself first, to save most of what I earn to myself in secret (that means telling my family I have nothing left from my money when it’s not true), to try to look better for better and more frequent sex, to begin studying again to earn more… it’s a religion that I also think of when I feel I’m discriminated against for racial motivation because African(-Brazilian) or African(-Brazilian)-related lore can be associated with it. It makes me not just seek revenge for when I think other people wronged me, but it makes me think said revenge is possible. As for my list of desirable traits in a religion it meets #1 (but I think it depends on Who one thinks Satan is), #3 (possibly), #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (possibly), #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #16 (partially), #17 (possibly), a) and b).
 Negatively, however, Satanism is a religion that I fear. I don’t know if I could ever either pray, or to worship Satan. I was raised a Christian, after all. I also fear possession. I fear that some really bad thing could happen to me, my mother, my sister, my house and/or my room if I worship Satan. Well, and practicing a religion completely in secret can be non-optimal.

 Some months ago I began developing a personal reconstructionistic religiosity inspired mostly by Greek, Egyptian, Gaulish and Roman – but also can include Levantine and Mesopotamian – religious ideas and practices. It’s a path that encompasses (Greek, Graeco-Egyptian, Gaulish and Gallo-Roman) reconstructionistic magic and witchcraft, reconstructionistic worship of Deities primarily associated with different religions and sacred sexuality. It’s not finished and not completely coherent. It’s sources are too many to remember off the top of my head. It’s built to be a Left-Hand form of Paganism exclusively based on ancient sources.
 I feel for it more or less the same positive emotions that I feel for Satanism, because its moral space may be empty as well. It, however, don’t have the same potential regarding racial oppression, as it’s composed by beliefs and practices primarily associated with white people.
 As for my list of desirable traits in a religion it meets #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (but the evidence is thin), #6 (but it’s controversial), #7 (but the evidence is mostly literary, #9, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15 (to some degree), #16, #17 and b).
 Negative emotions I may feel for this religiosity is insecurity; what do the Deities think of this put-together of disparate ideas and practices primarily associated with different peoples, places and times? I may irritate Them unwillingly. This path also includes much study of sources and require from acquaintance to full-blown knowledge of several languages. It may further preclude the realization of any rituals until one doesn’t have everything that this practice requires.

 I’ve also been considering to start a Church of Aphrodite revival. It’s obvious that I would be alone in the beginning.
 Gleb Botkin’s In search of reality basically is the theological foundation of the Church of Aphrodite. It shows a modern Pagan religion’s sofisticated theology and syncretic monotheism; it addresses topics like the nature of Aphrodite, the problem of evil and life after death.
 When I think of the Church of Aphrodite I think softness, calm and ease are words associated with positive emotions I can feel. It’s a very non-demanding religion ritual-wise; English is the only language one needs to speak to study it, there are no complex rituals, one doesn’t need to know ancient lore, its practice doesn’t include any purity-related observation. Personally the Church of Aphrodite has a strong appeal because Aphrodite was, as far as I remember, the first Goddess I made a ritual to before I knew anything about modern Paganism. I think it was more or less one year before the first time I heard about modern Paganism.
 What I can say about the Church of Aphrodite that can be seen as negative is that it seems to lack any solution to social unequality among human beings and doesn’t approve casual sex. One can suppose social activism is discouraged because Botkin’s book I previously mentioned says nothing good/productive can result from anything bad/improductive. It means anger, for example, that’s common among oppressed people, can just stir more anger, as well as hatred produces hatred, criticism produces criticism, social unrest produces social unrest… so I conclude people shouldn’t fight for anything according to this doctrine. And everything bad that happened in the past, I think, should also be forgotten according to it. Casual sex also seems to be frowned upon because it’s described …

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Elver dying on the river Shannon

Hi All,
I was recently made aware of this video of young eels dying due to lack of care or interest by a power company running a dam on the river Shannon. Along with the link was a request to share and like the page and generally spread the word of what’s happening there.

Here is the link to the youtube video ( from 2016 but the issue is still on going ) –

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Hello Again!

Hi, all!

When I first joined this site in 2012, I was in high school and dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and I spent a few months intensely studying the few resources I got my hands on (that looking back were hokey and untrustworthy, but I didn’t know better, haha). My spiritual journey (as well as my participation in these forums) fell by the wayside as other concerns became more pressing, my spiritual growth stagnating until very recently.

About two years ago, I began feeling pulled toward the cosmos again. At first, I interpreted the pull as a purely academic interest in the Universe and the physics that govern its movements, which prompted me to re-enroll in school with the (tentative) goal of a degree in physics, specifically astrophysics. However, I quickly realized that this internal restlessness and thirst for information is bigger and more personal than academic curiosity; I was being called by someone or something, but there was a block in place keeping me from tracing the signal back to the source. Perhaps coincidentally, though I sincerely doubt it, I found and purchased a pack of tarot cards that I connected with last week, a month into my first astronomy class. I’ve been looking for a deck that resonated with me for over a year, but none were right for me.

As soon as I found this deck, the spiritual epiphanies came rolling in, the biggest of which was that Loki had been calling to me and had, in fact, been interacting with me in various guises throughout my whole life. I started researching Norse mythology, Asatru, Vanatu, Heathenry, and Northern Tradition Paganism, which eventually led me to Rokkatru (which I may be misspelling, apologies) and the deep relief and release of tension that comes with finding a spiritual home.

I’ve come back to these forums to learn from and grow with others who walk similar paths. I’m excited to resume my spiritual journey and look forward to sharing my experiences with others who know what it’s like to serve and build relationships with living, active deities.

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Allegiance to the RCC

When I go to church, with my family, I still feel connected to the Catholic Church, and I get strange deja vus in a church.

-I get the urge to walk up to the altar and start my own mass when there is no priest around.
-During mass I have to restrain myself from saying all the blessings and incantations the priest is supposed to say alone.
-I always want to put on the robes they wear.
-I get angry and confused when the songs are not in Latin.  ;D
-When somebody criticizes the RCC I tend to defend it in a reflex.

Any theories why this is?, or where this comes from?

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Jokes as a coping mechanism

Bouncing off this comment in the virus thread:

I’ve had to deal with kids joking about the Coronavirus in various forms (you can get it from drinking a Corona)

What are people’s thoughts on the use of jokes as a response to stress or fear? Besides the above example, I’ve also heard that in high-stress occupations such as medicine, the jokes within the group can get very dark indeed. Do you think this sort of behavior is ,

a) a healthy or effective coping mechanism?

b) morally acceptable?

c) a coping mechanism at all, or is something else going on here?

(Whether or not the jokes are funny may well be beside the point, too).

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Hypothyroidism and zero calcium & iron breakfasts

Hi all,

So, as the thread title says, this post is aimed at those with hypothyroidism (or who know someone with this), seeking any resources you may have for zero calcium and zero iron breakfast foods.

I was diagnosed many years ago and although I was advised not to consume calcium and iron at the same time of day as taking my medication, it was not made clear that I need to avoid these nutrients for four hours, and I’ve only just come across this info (for a variety of reasons).  I’d been aiming for a half hour as a minimum or an hour ideally, and thought I was doing okay (as one General Practitioner who clearly had no idea had erroneously told me some years ago that ten minutes would suffice!)  However, this could well be the reason why I’ve never felt any better even though taking the medication daily!  (For anyone reading who doesn’t know a lot about hypothyroidism and is wondering, these nutrients inhibit the absorption of the medication by the body.)

Is it relatively safe to assume that if the packaging of a foodstuff doesn’t list calcium among the nutritional content then it doesn’t contain any (I’m in the UK)?  As I’ve found that some foods list it, with an amount, and some make no mention of it.  Iron, on the other hand, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen listed on any packaging (so even this would only solve half my issue.)

I’ll also need to find an additive for my morning teas to replace milk, as I can’t survive on black coffee & tea all morning and fruit juice is out, too (as can contain both nutrients).

I tried the usual Google search* but (as always seems to be the case) most of what I’ve found has been written by other sufferers, such as patient message boards, and varies hugely in what it advises & it’s impossible to tell quickly what’s sound info and what isn’t (there’s a lotof back and forth between different individuals out there just directly contradicting one another (arguing!), and almost no-one cites any sources!)

Thanks, if anyone’s any advice!

*Though not Google Scholar yet, as not sure how to frame my search and haven’t had the brain for it yet.

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The law and magic

Sometimes when I am out doing my hulk smash it might look strange to some people and sometimes the cops even show up. I am truthful with them every time, lets say  9 out of 10 times I get to be on my way but I have been arrested for doing what “we” would call magic. Healing the Earth is one of my favorite because you get to feel the earths energy and its truly amazing but its loud and if it  hit someone it would definitely kill them so I always do this at night away from the average person. But like I said it does alarm some folks and the last thing I ever want is to make people uneasy. So what I am asking is if any other people out there have this same experience, do you keep doing it or do you go into hibernation mode once you are fed up with getting into trouble even though your helping?
I don’t expect any replies…. cause you should already know I already made up my mind 8)

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