Pentacle white Magic resources?

Hello All!  :)
I’m new here. The thing that convinced me that Penticles and magic is real was, Couple of years ago when I drew a penticle on the floor and meditated and tried to summon angels. It said that if the Spell was successful, there’ll be a sign to indicate it. And that evening I received my sign, I believe. Anyways, I was unable to further practice it at the time. So, yesterday I started again by drawing a proper pentacle. But this time I intend to go into the subject more properly. I only know a little about casting spells and stuff. My main interests are doing Healing magic, gaining spiritual wisdom, communicating with angels, and other white magic specifically with the help of my pentacle. Could you guys please direct me to some solid resources, involving how to do white magic with Pentacles? Above all, my main motivation is to first heal my body and soul.
Thank you!
-Kasun, from Sri Lanka.

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Dualistic deities

As I flesh out my idiosyncratic theology, I keep encountering dualistic phenomena–most especially when it comes to the nature of the gods. There are few gods, I instinctively feel, who do not have some kind of “other side.”

Of course this is to some extent unsurprising as I am worshiping the apotheosis of a man who grew up in the faith that put moral dualism on the map (I speak of Zoroastrianism); some bleed-over is bound to occur. But more and more I feel like I am touching on a larger truth. Far away from the Near East where my own Judaism originated,  Hellenic Greece where much of my narrative motifs come from, and even the Central Asian steppe where Zoroastrianism is said to have originated–Japanese Shinto speaks of the ara-mitama and nigi-mitama of a god, a concept that maps surprisingly well to many Greek, Egyptian, and other stories of deities who have wrathful and mild sides.

What does your path say about this? Do you have gods who have dark and light aspects, or good and evil aspects, or destructive and beneficial aspects, or something else like that? What do you think it means?

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The Holy Trinity

Why I think the Holy Trinity is correct. In genesis he says:

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

He says ”our” image. If God was solely one, he would have said ”my” image. But he said ”our”. Who are the other Gods? I think he means the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

I also think that the Holy Trinity is henotheistic. God as a triad created the Cosmos, BUT this doesn’t mean there aren’t also other Gods. Or did the Holy Trinity create other Gods too? And the ”our” means all the Gods in general? And maybe he created female Goddesses too? Because it says ”male” and ”female” he created humans.

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Carved Crystal Goddesses and More

We are Crystalline Dimensions (Based on Facebook), a small crystal shop, which ships globally. We specialize in crystal carvings to help you connect with the Goddess and other aspects of Spirit including; Venus Goddesses(in Fluorite, Lemurian Quartz, Snow Quartz, Rose Quartz, etc…) , Earth Mother Goddesses, Cosmic Goddesses, Mermaids, Dragons, Wizards, Animals, Rough Crystals, Sacred Tools and so much more. For forum members we are offering 10% off on non-discounted items. Just let us know at check-out. We look forward to working with you!

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Proposal; NSFW areas for discussing the intersection of sexuality and sexuality

This site is a great site, (and it has a great Discord server!) but both the forum and the Discord are lacking in one crucial area; NSFW discussion.
Sexuality is an integral part of the lives of many (if not most) pagans, and human beings more generally. It is something that relates and interacts with religion and spirituality in complex and often complicated ways.

Yet. This site does not encourage the discussion of sexual topics—if anything, it discourages them. To me this seems like an oversight that needs correction. It would make TC much more inclusive and holistic if there were areas for the discussion of sexual topics.

I would personally suggest adding such areas to the forum andthe Discord server.

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I used to hear voices , feel touches , see stuff

I was young , maybe 11-12 when it first started , i was walking home from school (school wasnt so far so i startes going alone like from 4th grade)  i heared my mum calling my name when i was on the home street i was maybe 50 meters away from home , so i thought my mom was in the street , calling me , i looked around , street was empty … so my second guess was , maybe she called me on phone and i somehow picked up mistakely (phone was in pocket) i took my phone out and checked call history , it was empty .
Days after same happened but i was in bed that time , now i heared a woman voice calling me, not familiar …  it was whispering over and over , i got disturbed and covered my ears , folded it like a pizza roll lmao, and putted my hands on them With so big pressure it started to hurt , but i heared something scream in agony , woman voice screaming on such high pitch that it scared me and I spontaneously bursted into tears , i felt as if that voice was coming somewhere from near me , i jumped out of bed , and hit the light switch , rushed to my moms room asking did you hear that … nobody heared a thing . After that callings continued , wouldnt let me sleep , sometimes it happened with others around but mostly it was when i was alone . Then it got worse , i saw figures in my room , first day i saw something running infront of my room fast , so fast that i only saw a messy silhouette, days after i saw the silhouette of a man trying to leave my room , but as soon as i caught glimpse of it he returned into the dark , and honestly the scariest one was the silhouette i saw over my dad , he was standing infront of his bed , pointing his finger at him . After that i saw nothing , but last time i felt something was a touch , something grabbed my leg ? I dont know , i felt it , it touched my leg and pulled me down a bit , it scared me and ever since then i started praying , soon after it stopped but . First month when i had started praying , i used to see a dream , every day the same dream , me standing in the white room in white idc hospital clothes or whatever theyre called , infront of a big drawing, whiCh looked like a hell , fire and figures in fire , talking to me , telling me to join them , i only said “no i belong to god” i dont know why , it came out from my mouth instinctively, and then room was turning blood stained , so did my clothes . Now theyre gone but i want to know what they meant , after that i became like really interested in spirits and hauntings and started examining and exploring local places that are thought to be haunted , in that time i had one more weird dream , me laying in bed , i heared a voice , a mans voice telling me to quit what i did and give up on it , i asked him why , i looked at him and he pretended to be god , and told me that he asked so because i was disrupting him , i said how … he didnt answer he just replied quit what youre doing , its not gods will , deep down i knew what he was , i knew he wasnt what he claimed to be. He showed me something . Like i saw me and my friends coming back from my other friends house (we always followed her to her house , she was afraid to go alone) on the way back we had to go pat church ,when we were next to church Behind the wall i saw a silhouette of deceasedish , i got scared , then it was like a jumpscare of this deceaseds face covering my eyesight and bam im in the valley, grass everywhere , i look up and say : i wont stop . And wake up.
Guess what happened the next day , i followed her to house with my friends same ones i saw in dream , and on the way back i saw something lurking behind the wall. I instantly got scared and went in church , it was unusual , i was pale , but in church my head started hurting like hell so we left …. any ideas?

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