Saw 3 cranes

Hi all,

Yesterday while I was out, I saw a total of 3 grey cranes or herons flying overhead. I know that cranes are associated with Mannanan, and He is
One of my personal pantheon of Gods.

I was wondering if any one had any insight into the significance of seeing 3 of them in one day in an area where there are no local lakes or ponds.

Thanks in advance.


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Working With Cosmic Energies

I wasn’t sure where to put this topic, hopefully it’s in the right place!  ;D

I’m interested in working cosmic energies into my practice; primarily planetary ones. I’ve read up some on planet related magic and correspondences. However, I always hit a mental block when I want to try a working. Which I’ve figured out is because I need to work with anthropomorphic entities. I’m no good with abstract stuff. ^^;

But I’m not sure how to apply that to the planets.

Does anyone have any tips to be able to relate to planets better? Like ideas for images or statues that could represent the planets? They can be from anywhere; pop culture, mythology, UPG – it’s all good. :)

Thanks guys!

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Favorite “Healthy” & Easy Recipes to Make

As I recover from the flu, I’m currently thinking of how to revamp my diet so that I’m more nutritionally sound and so my body is stronger. At the same time, I’m also aware of food costs, and convenience sometimes takes the driver’s seat instead of other goals (like keeping my food cost low in my monthly budget, and eating healthy).
So what recipes do you have that are:

  • Healthy
  • Easy to Make
  • Easy on the Wallet

Eventually, I’d like to transfer these recipes to the new forums in the form of a SIG or some other resource. For now, let’s see how this goes!

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Edain McCoy 1957-2019

Pagan author Edain McCoy has passed from the flu.

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Angry Gods

In greek religion, Gods become angry when we perform evil acts. The story of Tantalus killing his son and offering him to the Gods shows that Gods do not take evil actions lightly. They punished Tantalus and brought his son back to life. Gods do not become angry with us over trivial things. Tartara awaits for people who offend the very nature of what we call life.

What about other religions? What makes the Gods angry?

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Afraid I offended the god and goddess?

Everyone here is always so nice and understanding, I was a bit afraid to post but I really need some advice :)

So recently I’ve been kind of branching out with my practices and beliefs, trying to just pull my mind away from all the lists and rules and everything I’ve read and follow what feels right with me.

I’ve started honoring the god and goddess, but for a while, I just felt more pull to the goddess so for a bit I only worshipped her, moving my male statue off my alter, etc. As of now the pull is equal among them and I want to honor them both, but I’m worried I’ve offended Him by choosing to solely honor the goddess at the time, although I did explain my reasons. I don’t know if I should be worried that He is angry with me or not, do you think I should be? I just often worry that something like a lack of offerings or forgetfulness will provoke anger or resentment.

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Daily Rituals

Hi there!

I am new to the craft and am doing lots of research, which I love. However, I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information! I’m wondering if any one has any easy, simple, daily rituals (maybe a morning and/or nighttime one) that I could start incorporating into my day? I want to bring the craft into my life slowly and carefully so I can appreciate it and not get overwhelmed!

Thanks so much!

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