The 2020 Gender Census is Open!

It’s that time of year again – I was just thinking about it the other day, and later that day, there was the notification in my email.

‘The seventh annual international gender census, collecting information about the language we use to refer to ourselves and each other, is now open until 12th March 2020…. The survey is open to anyone anywhere who speaks English and feels that the gender binary doesn’t fully describe their experience of themselves and their gender(s) or lack thereof.’

More info here, or in the threads I posted to let people know about previous years’ iterations of it.


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Hello, all!

I’m a woman in her mid-20s, born and living in Brazil. I was raised by catholic parents (with a side of spiritualism) but always rejected Christianity for lack of faith, though I don’t have any problems with it.

My path is a mixture of Hellenic and ancient Egyptian polytheism. Ever since I was a child I had this connection with the Hellenic and ancient Egyptian gods, though I didn’t think it was possible to have that as a religion until a few years ago. I’m still trying to figure out how is the best way to practice, and lately I’m been going through what you might call a crisis of faith – a few events in my life strayed me from the gods, and I’m currently trying to reconnected with them.

I’m here to meet new people and learn more about my faith.

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UK gov housing strategy/Nitrate neutralizing?

Hi all.
I’m hoping you can help me with some info ( I’m also looking generally online ).
I’ve just been to a local meeting trying to account for housing needed with the governments revised planning policies. These have meant a vast increase in housing we need to provide ( due to being in an affluent area ) however, I’m wondering how this has affected other areas of the UK ( primarily less affluent areas where derelict housing can be used and new housing may bring business and money into areas which need it ). Have you any knowledge of this in your areas?
Also there’s notes about nitrate neutrality etc. ( which means trying not to increase the levels already being produced per year rather than lower it ) Have you come across any new ideas in the works on how to filter out or neutralize nitrates/nitrogen which is at present seeping into waterways?


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So, the strain that’s currently in the news has been dubbed ‘Covid-19’. Which sounds like something out of a Michael Crighton novel, great way to reassure the public, WHO.

I’m a little tired of the news having a segment on it every single day, and it’s always the same: “X cases, Y deaths, but there’s no need to panic.” Well, I’m nowhere near being at risk, and it’s still getting to me. Anyone else?

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A sign?

This might sound silly, I really don’t know.
Few years ago when I summoned Archangel Raphael, a strange white bird feather appeared in my room from nowhere. I didn’t know how it got there. Then, few days ago again I started a ritual and summoned St.Raphael every morning, for healing purposes. And today, a bird feather appeared again in my room. There was no way that it could got there — at least in my comprehension. This never have happened when I was not engaged in summoning angels. Considering the feather appearing twice, at the right time, could this be some sign that my summoning ritual is working?

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Spiritual in Christianity

In pagan terms, I have a problem defining ”spiritual”.

BUT in Christianity, the term ”spiritual” is pretty clear: it means ”of God’s”.

In Orthodox Christianity, there is a line that separates the body and the spirit. The body is mundane and it rots, when it dies. The spirit, on the other hand, communicates with God, and, after death, it represents us before God. When we do something that God likes, then we are ”spiritual”. When we commit sins of the body, then we are not spiritual.

If you have a definition of ”spiritual”, it would help me a lot. :) (I’m still searching the term).

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