Coming to Up All Night 2018: Divination!

Eastling had the great idea of making divination for the coming new year a part of Up All Night‘s  festivities, so now we’ve got that to look forward to, as well as the Great Global Group Meditation and the general partying that always comes with UAN!

At some point on the evening of December 21, Eastling will open a thread in this Divinatory Arts section titled “Up All Night 2018: Oracles for the New Year”, which will be separate from the main UAN thread. Cauldronites will be invited to post to it explaining how they do divinations, what Powers (if any) they call on for it, and what kind of divinations they’re offering tonight. Others can then reply to any post within the thread asking the poster for a divination either there in the thread or somewhere more private (PMs here or on Discord). Then…save it somewhere and see how it applies to the coming year.

Expect the unexpected!

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Gods merging, etc

From what I understand Egyptian deities sometimes merge.

How about other deities? What are your experiences with this in prayer or life?

I spend a lot of time praying, and I’ve had some interesting experiences with this even though in the Christian tradition which is a part of my path (albeit informed by liberal and other theologies) this is not something I know of.

Nevertheless I have experienced Christ appearing as my tiger god even though in my prayers and usual experiences they are distinct.

I also have experienced a similar syncretism between my nymph friend and the Blessed Virgin.

Finally, my Wise Old Woman has appeared in multiple forms.  The most unusual was when I was reciting the rosary, and she appeared in my meditations as Alice and Wonderland, and she expounded each Christian mystery associated with the Rosary with scenes from the Alice and Wonderland books.

The Coronation was related for example to Alice crossing the chess board and becoming queen.  I still don’t know why my spirit friend would take this form, but she was relating spiritual ideas through the lens of fiction relatable to me.  (I also had a devotion to the Alice character in the past.)

Pardon me if I share too much!  I don’t think there are many places other than this forum that I can discuss these aspects of spirituality.

How about you? Do you find your deities or other spirits merging?  Or appearing in the guise of another deity? or even taking on fictional or pop culture forms?

How does this happen for you?  I mean, how do you apprehend these experiences? Is it your intuition?  Does it happen for you in meditation?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Traditional witchcraft + meditation book?

Hello, all. The kind of thing I’m looking for might not quite exist, but I figure I’d ask. I am most interested in the “Traditional witchcraft” path, such as described in books by Lee Morgan, Emma Wilby, etc. I am also a long time meditator, primarily in the shambala tradition, very interested in compassion practices in particular. I am wondering if anyone has come across a book that incorporates traditional witchcraft as well as more meditative practices. I’m looking for some kind of guide to help me not feel like I’m pulling in two directions as I try to consistently work on both parts of my spirital practice. although I love my shambala practices and plan to come back to them at some point, right now I’m craving some more witchcraft-central practices that are also contemplative.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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How do you honor local spirits?

Most of us (though not all!) honor some kind of Powers or deities as pagans. In a lot of cases, those Powers are not particularly connected to where we live, which leaves a bit of a gap, considering that most practices through the ages have included some kind of worship or honors dedicated to local spirits–be they called daimones, genus loci, or something else.

What do you do in your practice to honor these spirits, if anything? And what would you suggest to someone looking to connect with local spirits as a new part of their practice?

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Healthy Challenge, Winter 2018/19

It’s been a good long time since we as a group took up one of these, so let’s see who wants to commit to a healthy challenge for Winter 2018/19.

The idea is:

to announce a health and/or fitness goal in this thread, so that we can all hold each other’s feet to the fire and offer tips and encouragement

HINT: Pick a goal that’s specific, measurable, and attainable

  • Beginning with the impending solstice, strive to achieve your goal by the equinox on March 21
  • Update us here in this thread periodically on your progress

Up All Night (for those of us participating for all or part of the evening of Dec. 21) may play havoc with the first day, but that’s OK; there’ll still be 3 months to do the work, whatever health/fitness goal you choose. Who’s in?

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The ancient unknown gods?

We’ve been wandering the Earth for quite a long time and for most of that time in most cultures didn’t have a way to write down tales of the gods and spiritual practices, or like the Druids chose not to because they valued memorization.

This must mean that there were Deities who’s names are forgotten, knowledge of them being lost to time. Have you ever encountered them, and how has that gone? Do you have a way you revere and worship these unknown gods?

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TC’s own Great Global Group Meditation 2!

It’s back!

With the Cauldron’s annual Up All Night: A Technopagan Solstice Celebration less than 2 weeks away, I’m very pleased to announce that what started as a way to mark UAN’s 10th anniversary is back as a UAN11 special Cauldron event:

The Great Global Group Meditation 2
via video/audioconference

Any registered Cauldron member from anywhere in the world can teleconference in to join our special guest meditation leader, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, as she talks us through a nondenominational meditation…a meditation on the night of the solstice, spanning pagans and non-pagans alike, from across the globe, simultaneously!

WHEN: During UAN–on the night that begins at sunset on Friday, December 21, and ends at dawn on Saturday, December 22–beginning at 2 AM Universal Time–

–6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern in North America
–2 AM Greenwich Mean and 3 AM Central in Europe
–Noon [on Dec. 22] Australian Eastern
It will last about 30-40 minutes.

WHERE: Wherever you are! As long as you have computer access, a smartphone, even from a “dumb” phone.

WHO: You must be a Cauldron member. Sorry, but if you’ve just wandered into the forums and haven’t signed up yet, you’re not eligible. (Simple solution: sign up!)

HOW: via a Zoom teleconference. It’s free! And there’s an audio-only option too, for those who want to preserve a degree of anonymity (or, if in a state of undress or sleep-deprived dishevelment, dignity)

Pre-register with me, so that I can send you the info for connecting to the Zoom meeting, which will be sent out immediately prior to the event on the night of UAN. Just PM me with your email address, which will be used *only* for this purpose and will be kept strictly confidential.

Our time in the Zoom teleconference is limited, so to maximize our meditation time, everyone should come prepared to *briefly* introduce themselves by telling us these (and only these) 3 things–

a name (anything you want: your Cauldron screen name, your real name, your pagan name, or a name you just made up off the top of your head)
what part of the world you’re in
a ONE WORD description of your solstice (how it’s been so far, or how you hope it will go)

Sorry, but to be fair to everyone’s meditation time, anyone babbling on will face the moderator’s mute button!
(It’s like the orchestra starting to play in the middle of your Oscar speech, only more merciless)

Once again we’ll be bridging vast distances between people through the power of meditation on the night of the solstice! Join us for the Great Global Group Meditation!


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Guns and religion in America

I found this article, and reading it really made me think. It’s a few months old at this point, but still highly relevant:

I’m a gun owner and advocate myself, (though I trend left on most other issues), and I’ve never considered that some people have a harder time owning guns than others.

Being the naive, blissfully ignorant person I am, I simply took gun rights groups at their word when they said they supported the Second Amendment. Never once did I ask “Do these guys support guns for Muslims? Gays? Blacks? Women? Or just for themselves.” Instead I assumed, because they talk about freedom and liberty, and use that rhetoric, that they actually put those ideas into practice.

If the linked article is anything to go by, many of them don’t. Apparently, conservative, gun owning, Second Amendment supporting, molon labe shouting Muslims aren’t very welcome among conservative, gun owning, molon labe shouting Americans.

Frankly, I’m never going to look at a shooting range the same way again. I mean, I guess I’m just lucky I’ve never openly expressed my religion at the range! I wonder what would happen if I showed up with a bindi and turban? Yikes. Very off-putting read.


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White Lighters Versus The Dark Arts

I am pretty much a Solitary Practitioner who has only had casual interactions with Pagan Groups and other similar social interactions. So my social experience with Paganism is limited. That said, I was wondering if in the Pagan Community there is a significant sense of factionalism between so-called “White Lighters” versus those who practice the “Dark Arts”, or have a more nihilistic worldview. I have read a bit about this, but I am wondering if it is a real “thing”.

I am not just talking about a distinction between so-called “Fluffy Bunny” types and those who are more “serious” about their practices (although I am open to discussion on that topic as well). What I am really driving at is a distinction between different philosophies or outlooks, ranging from humanistic, compassionate views, to more purely selfish, “will to power” types of worldviews. I am just curious to know more about this. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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