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Boston, MA
Initiatory religious witchcraft
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Episcopalian, then Roman Catholic.
Possibly useful things to know about me:
- In my early 40s. I live with one cat and a bunch of books.

- I'm a priestess and witch in a small initiatory religious witchcraft tradition founded in Minnesota in the late 1990s. You can find more about it at (I am not one of the founders of the tradition, but I am senior reasonably-active priestess these days.)

- I have run a site with intro material about religious witchcraft (Seeking: since 2011, and besides teaching religious witchcraft stuff (in person, too), also have done a variety of workshops on research and Paganism. I've got a particular interest in accessibility and Paganism, and accessibility in general.

- I am the kind of librarian who adores weird reference questions, and I also think a lot about process and teaching, and how to do things better and also more easily. These things tend to carry over to my religious life and how I talk about teaching Pagan stuff.

- I've lived in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maine, and now in Massachusetts again. And my family used to spend summers in Michigan. (I like to say 'states that start with M that get a lot of snow in the winter' but have no desire to add Montana.)
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Seeking: first steps on a Pagan path (advice for seekers and people new to Paganism)
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