Pagan Religions

While many people immediately think of Wicca when they hear the word “Pagan,” Wicca is only one of the many Pagan religions. Each Pagan religion has its own deities, beliefs, practices, and moral systems – and many Pagan religions are as different from each other as Southern Baptist Christianity is from Theravada Buddhism. This section of The Cauldron Wiki is for members to set up areas describing the beliefs and practices of their particular Pagan Religion.

Paganism is a blanket term for most, if not all, religions that are polytheist rather than monotheist or non-theist. The word is derived from the Latin, paganus, which was a name given to the country folk who remained heathen after the Christianizing of the Roman Empire.

The generally accepted definition for a pagan religion in this board's culture is: a Pagan religion is a religion that is not Abrahamic (that is, Jewish, Christian, or Islamic), and self-identifies as Pagan.

Some religions that are usually or often considered to be under the pagan umbrella:

All articles posted to this section of the wiki should be named "pagan:newpagename" (without the quotes).
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