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 +====== Odinism ======
 +Odinism is a form of norse paganism, like Asatru. Odinism, in contrast to Asatru, is a henotheistic religion which centrally emphasizes the worship of Odin, and to a lesser extent Frigga, and calls Odin the '​allfather'​. Also in contrast to Asatru, Odinism does not emphasize the viking age or the old norse language.
 +Odinism was founded by Alexander Rud Mills in Melbourne, Australia, in 1936, as 'The Anglecyn Church of Odin'. The Anglecyn Church of Odin was a syncretic mixture of Anglican Christianity and norse paganism. Odinism later shed it's syncretic anglican elements. Mills was a nazi sympathizer,​ and to this day many Odinists are white nationalists.
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