Feri, also called Vicia, is a religion that was founded by Victor Anderson in the 1940s. The name was originally 'Faery', but the spelling was changed so as to avoid confusion with other groups.

The central deity of Feri is called 'The Star Goddess'. The Star Goddess is a [wiki=Pantheism]pantheist[/wiki] deity, that represents the universe, infinity, and the black void of space, and contains all other deities within her, much like the deity Kerridwen of the later The Gwyddonic Order. The second-most prominent deities in Feri are 'The Divine Twins', who were created by The Star Goddess to serve as her consorts, for her pleasure.

Feri teaches that every human contains not one soul, but three souls- an instinctive desirous soul, called 'vivi' or 'the fetch'; a rational soul, called 'emi' or 'the talker'; and a godly soul, called 'ori' or 'the godself'. This doctrine of three souls was taken from a pseudo-Hawaiian religion called Huna, which was founded by Max Long in 1936. Feri teaches that one should combine the three souls together by bringing them into alignment with eachother, and when that is accomplished, one has attained a state called 'the black heart of innocence'.

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