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  • Antinopolis: Cult of the Deified Antinouus
  • Aedicula Antinoi: One of the original, and very comprehensive, blogs on the deified Antinous - now only available in part through the Wayback Machine, but at least some of it is still available!
  • PSVL: The Antinoan Pantheon, including the Tetrad++, a contemporary trans-focused pantheon
  • Lucus Antiquus: Etruscan-Roman Polytheism

  • Land, Sea and Sky: Online book with a strong research-focus on Celtic reconstructionism
  • Celtic Reconstructionist FAQ: 2006-era masterpost about Celtic Reconstructionism
  • Filidecht: sacred, ritual poetcraft drawn from early Irish and Scottish tradition
  • Gwyddonic Order: Welsh-Celtic - some more information can be found here and, if one was clever, it might be possible to locate the other pages of information in the archive, though the links in the sidebar do not work,by guessing the page names (you can find “philosophy” that way); and this may be an up-to-date source for the Order as a living tradition.

  • Tel Shemesh: earth-based Jewish spirituality
  • Therioshamanism/A Sense Of Natural Wonder: nature-centric spirituality, focused on ecosystems, authentic understanding of nature and land-centric shamanism.
  • Ehoah: Science/nature focused path focused on astronomy, bioregionalism, the environment, and awe-inspiring science.
  • Wildspeak: Animal-spirit focus, communicating with animal teachers and shapeshifting
  • Waincraft: Combining paganisms with a focus on land-powers based on the Six Directions
  • Naturalistic Paganism: myth and ritual, without literal belief in gods or magic
  • Flamekeeping: Ethical and reflective framework compatible with many pagan traditions
  • Feri Tradition: Feri - well-sourced summary website on an oral-tradition
  • Reclaiming: an American goddess tradition with an emphasis on activism and personal growth
  • 1734 Tradition:A successor to Cochrane, this website collects some information about it. Likely challenging to initiate in or find more information about.
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