This is a community project, and its strength is the breadth of knowledge every pagan has about our community. The more people help out, the more complete the project will be!

Anyone can add a new link to the list - just click edit. Try and file it under the right section, or create a new section if you've found something extremely novel.

I'd love to have a handful of people associated with the project, to jointly make decisions, rotate responsibility for managing the list, and also to give the project more longevity - the more people take responsibility for it, the more likely it is to survive one or more of us dropping out or drifting off.

The Project will be more successful when it isn't “Hap's thing” but “our thing”, something people have a shared sense of investment in.

The Culti might like to know they've been listed - and hopefully, will link back to the Masterlist to boost its profile - if the courtesy of the 1990s internet I grew up with is not yet dead. The Culti might also be more aware than most of other obscure websites to add.

I want to make an old-school logo linking back to the Masterlist. Bloggers featured on the Masterlist could display the logo, again - to create an old fashioned “webring” boosting the profiles of every individual member of it.

The internet is not a safe longterm space for records. Old sites vanish constantly, and often without warning. We have lost the internet's early history, and with it our Pagan forebears. This part of the project might include submitting Culti sites to the Internet Archive to preserve them, or downloading and creating a local copy, as well as learning more about the ethics and practicality of such a goal.

If you're very involved in a particular area of paganism - say, Traditional Witchcraft - you may be the ideal person to recommend new links for the list. New traditions related to what you do which are niche-in-some-exciting-ways, or even more mainstream resources that are written-out-so-as-to-be-useable-by-anybody. You already follow the bloggers and have the community friends, so set yourself the task of feeding what you know back to the Project.

If you suspect that you may be practicing an Obscure Cultus, now is an excellent time to write up what you're doing on a number of nicely formatted blog or web pages, and add it to the list.

Adopt a place which is likely to have links to Obscure Culti, and search it page by page. Let me know before you begin so no one repeats this task. Ideas I've had include…

  • the Cauldron
  • various Reddits, including Pagan and Polytheism
  • the Wild Hunt news archive

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