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 +====== The Vesica Piscis: 2, Duality ======
 +In many mythologies,​ from unity comes duality, and from the union or reconciliation of these polarized opposites springs something new. For example, from the union of their Goddess and God, numerous witchcraft traditions believe that all life issues forth. This or any other union of two can be symbolized by the [b]vesica piscis[/b] (Latin for “bladder of the fish”), the area of overlap when 2 circles of equal size are superimposed so that the circumference of each passes through the center of the other. The almond shape that results symbolizes a vagina, from which the offspring of the union can emerge.
 +Here math again suggests a mystery lies within. If the radius of the circles is 1, then the long axis (the line from one sharp point of the almond to the opposite sharp point) of the vesica piscis they form measures precisely the [b]square root of 3[/​b]—which,​ like pi, is an [b]irrational number[/b]. (Remember, sacred geometers take notice when an irrational number pops up, as its presence points to hidden meaning.) The ratio of the width of the vesica piscis to this long axis is similarly governed by the square root of 3.
 +The vesica piscis is especially popular in Christian symbolism, where the circles represent the union of their god and man (or more accurately, woman), with Christ depicted emerging from the vesica piscis. Include a little bit of the formative circles along with the vesica piscis, and you get the classic Christian fish symbol- the ichthys. The top half of the vesica piscis appears as the pointed arch of the windows of some cathedrals. But the vesica piscis is by no means limited to Christian symbolism, appearing in pagan use around the globe. Indeed, [b]the Flower of Life[/b], a beautiful and well-known image dating back at least to ancient Egypt, is composed of multiple circles overlapping to form myriad intersecting vesicas piscis.
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