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 +====== Recommended Resources for Sacred Geometry ======
 +These pages have given a basic introduction to sacred geometry. Try the following resources for more information. While lots of valuable knowledge can be gained from them, carefully scrutinize any claims that sacred geometry lies behind some natural phenomenon or work of art or architecture;​ the claim may or may not measure up!
 +===== In Print =====
 +[i]Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice[/​i] by Robert Lawlor—Perhaps the most rewarding, though mathematically challenging,​ text on the subject; with its workbook exercises, this paperback offers a wonderful opportunity for hands-on learning
 +[i]Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code[/i] by Stephen Skinner—Surveys the field, with special attention to the history of sacred geometry and to the mathematicians who explored it in the West
 +[i]Sacred Geometry[/​i] by Miranda Lundy—A beautiful little art book, nearly pocket-sized,​ filled with illustrations rendered in pen and ink
 +===== Selected Websites =====
 +[i]The Geometry Code: Sacred Geometry Introductory Tutorial[/​i] by Bruce Rawles\\ ​
 +[url=http://​www.geometrycode.com/​sacred-geometry/​]http://​www.geometrycode.com/​sacred-geometry/​[/​url]\\ ​
 +One point of view on how sacred geometry plays out in the universe around us
 +[i]Fibonacci Flim-Flam[/​i] by Donald E. Simanek\\ ​
 +[url=http://​www.lhup.edu/​~dsimanek/​pseudo/​fibonacc.htm]http://​www.lhup.edu/​~dsimanek/​pseudo/​fibonacc.htm[/​url]\\ ​
 +The opposite point of view; this professor of physics debunks the excesses of [i]phi[/​i]losophers,​ and sacred geometry adherents in general, with gusto
 +Back to [[geometry:​start|Sacred Geometry]] intro
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