Using Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Everyone desires wealth and prosperity. This article explains how to use feng shui to attract wealth and prosperity into your life! Learn easy and practical tips improve your wealth and luck!

Feng shui Luopan compass
Feng shui Luopan compass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Chinese has been using feng shui to attract good luck and good fortune for the thousands of years. In the Orient, no businessmen would start a business without first consulting a feng shui expert. Feng shui can help you maximize your chances of success in your career or in the business that you are running.

One of the easiest feng shui techniques that you can use to activate your wealth luck is through they use of symbols. Ancient Chinese coins have always been regarded as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Ancient Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the middle. Tie three of these coins together with some red string and tie them to your invoice, order books, or any important financial documents such as your bankbook, to attract wealth luck.

If you have any difficulties finding ancient Chinese coins, the use of modern equivalents will work as well. Some even go as far as tying together eight Chinese coins to make a powerful wealth pendant to attract good fortune and prosperity.

Another way of attracting wealth luck is by using the flow of water around your home and your office. Take note of rivers, lakes, seas, drains, and streams around your home or office. As much as possible, such water features should be in front of the premises. Rivers and lakes behind the premises represent missed opportunities.

If you home or office is facing southeast, southwest, northeast, or northwest, looking out from the front of the main entrance, the flow of water should be from right to left. If your premises face north, south, east, or west, the flow of water should be from left to right.

A great way to attract good fortune through feng shui is to observe the element of your business. In feng shui, it is believed that the universe consists of five elements (fire, water, earth, metal, and wood) and that each profession and industry belongs to a certain element. For example, the restaurant business belongs to the element of fire. So if you run a restaurant business, the auspicious colors are red, yellow, orange, and other fiery colors. The element of wood is also auspicious for the restaurant business as wood strengthens the element of fire. Thus the color green will also be lucky for the business as well.

Businesses belonging to the element of Earth include real estate and property developments. The finance, shipping, and travel industries on the other hand, belong to the element of water. The jewelry business, mining, and the assembly of machineries, are of the metal element. Furniture and farming businesses belong to the wood element.

You can also attract wealth luck by having an auspicious logo design for your business. Using the principles above, select the colors and design of the logo according to the element of your business. If you are in the farming industry, the colors green and blue will be most auspicious. Incorporate these colors and some wood element into the logo for good luck.

Your business premise should never have colors or decorations using elements that clash with the element of the business. For example it is extremely unlucky for a jewelry shop to be painted red because the element of fire (represented by the color red) weakens and destroy the metal element (which is the element of a jewelry business). So one must be very careful when choosing a colors and decorations for your business.

Among all the directions in the feng shui compass, for good fortune and prosperity, the directions to observe are north and southeast. For the advancement of your career, you must activate the northern sector of your house, office, and bedroom. The North is dominated by the water element; so to attract success in your career, strengthen the element of water in the north. This can be done by installing water features such as installing a fountain or an aquarium. Installing a wind chime in the north will also work as the element of metal strengthens the element of water.

In the office, as much as possible, make sure that you are seated in the North sector. Try to sit to with your back against the wall for good support. If that is not possible tried to hang a picture of mountains behind you. This will ensure that you will always have lots of help and support for your career.
For those of running a business, the sector to observe is the southeast. The dominant element of this sector is wood. Make sure to place lots of healthy plants in the southeast area of the premise to strengthen the wood element. The element of water strengthens the element of wood; so placing a water feature in the southeast will also be good feng shui.

One of the favorite feng shui techniques used by Chinese businessmen, is the installation of an aquarium with nine fishes inside. Eight of the fishes should be of a bright color, like red or yellow. The ninth fish should be black in color. Shall any of the fishes die, don’t be alarmed as the fish would have absorbed some bad luck in the process. Replace the dead fish with a new one.

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Great Feng Shui Tips for the Office – Part 2

Feng Shui can help make your office a better place to work. Ascisco Pecunia explains how in part two of this article.

office setup
office (Photo credit: Rob ‘n’ Rae)

There are many practical and easy tips that you can use to create excellent feng shui at work. Good feng shui in the office will assist you in getting promotions and improve relationships with your colleagues and bosses. Here are more great feng shui tips that you can use in your office:

1. As much as it is inauspicious to sit with your back directly facing a door, it is also very bad to sit directly facing a door in the office. The door of any room or building is where the Chi or energy flows into the room. To sit directly facing the door is to directly confront the incoming flow of Chi. This is extremely unlucky, as you will be overwhelmed by the flow of chi that will in turn bring bad luck and misfortunes. It is also extremely unlucky to sit at a desk that is directly facing a corridor or walkway.

2. The choice of chairs is also extremely important. Choose ergonomically designed chairs that provide good support for you back. Avoid chairs that are heavily cushioned. Heavily cushioned furniture emits too much Yin (passive) energy that is more suitable for the living room or bedroom.

3. As many of you may be aware of by now, clutter is the #1 cause of bad Chi. Make sure that your work desk is clean and tidy at all times. Avoid accumulation of clutters near your work place.

4. You must also take note of hidden storages at your desk, such as cabinets and drawers. Keeping the top of your desk is good, but it is also important to make sure you do not store too much of unused items in your drawers. The accumulation of such items in your drawers and cabinets will cause the accumulation of stagnant Chi that can harm your prospects for success at work.

5. Many modern offices today have large floor-to-ceiling windows. While they are good because they let in a lot of light into the office, try not to be seated too near such windows. Such large windows let in a huge amount of Yang energy. When your work desk is affected by too much Yang energy, you will constantly feel restless, easily irritated and agitated. If you are seated near such windows, install a window shade to control your exposure to excessive light.

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