Working Through Trance-Portation: A New Approach

By veggiewolf So, in March of 2013 I tried to do a work-through of Diana Paxson’s Trance-Portation on this blog. It was a dismal failure – on my own, I was unable to read past Chapter 3 and write past the Introduction. I put the project aside and figured I’d just never finish the book and would be forever branded as a failure as a Pagan.
Okay, that last bit is an exaggeration. Kind of. Maybe.
And then, the book came up again in discussion on The Cauldron and I decided to join a group of people in reading through it. Yes, I know, but I actually think I might be able to get through the thing if I have people to keep me accountable. I can do many many things on my own but finishing Trance-Portation is not one of them. Sorry, Ms. Paxson.
The organizer of the group effort posted the initial discussion thread, on the Introduction and Chapter One, here, and along with it came a questionnaire. I decided to bring that questionnaire over here to answer fully, and then I will summarize it in the discussion thread. So, here goes! Wish …read more

Source: Fluid Morality