TT – Reading 3

By veggiewolf I used the Tattooed Tarot for this reading with a random significator and three questions:

What was the main line of thought before the event?
What is the main thread of the event?
What should be the focus when thinking back on the event?

In this case, the event was a dream and I did not ask for details of what occurred in the dream…so I may be WAY off!
Significator is the Five of Swords – Hidden enemies; Underhanded adversaries.
First question – Six of Swords – A long way to go; Distance.
Second question – Nine of Pentacles – Satisfaction; A successful business deal.
Third question – Eight of Pentacles – Apprenticeship; Discoveries; Craftsmanship.
Reading of the Cards
Watch out for misleading suggestions you may receive from someone. Sometimes it is necessary to go as far away as possible. A positive attitude will help you realize a project. Listen to those who can teach you in order to increase your skills.
There’s something going on with you right now that is making you suspicious of both situations and people. This was on your mind, along with a debate about how far away to move from the source of suspicion, when you entered the dream; the …read more

Source: Fluid Morality