TT – Reading 2

By veggiewolf I used the Tattooed Tarot for this reading, with a random significator and the THINK-FEEL-DO-HAVE-BE spread.
Significator is the Queen of Wands: Cautious courtship; flattery; complements.
THINK card is the Two of Wands: Discomfort; fatigue; nostalgia.
FEEL card is the Six of Swords: Voyage; a long way to go; distance.
DO card is the Four of Swords: Detachment; marginalization; reflection.
HAVE card is Temperance: Realization of oneself; femininity; fragility; pregnancy. Purification; regeneration; receptivity.
BE card is Death: Sudden separation; pitilessness; inexorability; physical illness. Fear; skeletons in the closet; traumas.
Reading of the Cards
The eyes are not always the mirror of a person’s real feelings. Try to remove a memory that causes you affliction or pain. Sometimes it is necessary to go as far away as possible, but excessive isolation will lead to poverty and solitude. Take a break. Start today to build a harmonious future for yourself. Forget past errors and give up your bad habits; rise from your own ashes.
Focus on what you truly want to accomplish – set tangible, measurable goals rather than ethereal ones. Moving away from the people you did was a good thing, but you shouldn’t use this particular situation to generalize all things. …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

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