ToST – Reading 2

By veggiewolf I used the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight with a random significator and a card for each query – total of three cards.
Significator is the 4 of Chalices (Cups): (reversed, but I don’t read reversals)
What do you think of someone who keeps looking for what she already has? Yeah, me too.
First Query is the 8 of Chalices (Cups): (reversed, but I don’t read reversals)
What is one to do when one must leave? Especially when what must be left is beautiful and lovely and a good life…but still, is somehow not right.
Second Query is the Knight of Chalices (Cups): (reversed, but I don’t read reversals)
There is something brave and beautiful about rushing headlong into love, about giving all of yourself with your whole heart. Brave and beautiful, but not without its risks.
Looking for an outside source of difficulties is sending you in the wrong direction, and while you’d like there to be something tangible you could vanquish, like a person or a thing, it isn’t there. The hydra is inside, and only by confronting it will you be able to put the pieces together.
Look for the thing that doesn’t fit, no matter how much you think it …read more

Source: Fluid Morality