The Nine Elements of Clann Bhride

By Clann Bhride 1- Clann Bhride, or the Children of Brighid, is a religious order for devotees of the goddess Brighid who feel called to a lifestyle of daily prayer and spiritual practice. Children of Brighid strive to live lives of extraordinary devotion and focus, and to do Brighid’s work in this world by any means possible under Her guidance.

Of course, the best way to discover what Brighid wants you to do is simply to ask Her, but it may also be helpful to think about the different aspects of Brighid as paths of service:

Poetry- This can refer not only to poetry, but to music, wisdom, literature, learning and mystical practice. All of these concepts were part of the path of poetry among the ancient Irish and other Celtic peoples.

Smithcraft- This can refer to any form of craftsmanship, sculpture or hands-on creative work.

Healing- This can refer to any type of physical, mental or spiritual healing.

Justice- This can refer to advocacy for the disenfranchised, as in the lore of Brig Ambue. It can refer to hospitality, the provision of food and drink without charge to whoever needs it, as in the lore of Brig Briugu. It can refer to …read more

Source: Clann Bhride