The Cauldron Cill Brighid Devotional Now Available!

By veggiewolf
As my readers know, I’m a FlameKeeper of the non-Brighidine variety; however, a Brighidine group of my acquaintance has just released a devotional to Brighid that I think you should check out!
The Cauldron Cill Brighid Devotional is a collection of essays, devotional poetry and photographs in honor of the goddess Brighid by the Flamekeepers of the Cauldron Cill. It is available on in three formats:
Hardcover Version – with beautiful full-color images: $29.53Paperback Version – in black and white: $3.79PDF E-Book – FREE
I highly recommend picking up a copy if you’re in any way involved with Brighid, Brighidine Flamekeeping, or are interested in further exploration. The people involved in putting this devotional together are intelligent and articulate, and it is well worth a read!

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Source: Fluid Morality