TCBP – Personal Cycles

By veggiewolf I am very caught up in the idea of cycles, and much of it has to do with the natural rhythms of my life from season-to-season…although becoming a Kemetic didn’t help at all! The fact that everything is a cycle in Kemeticism – Day and Night mirror the Duat which mirrors the cycle of the year, etc. – fills me with squishy and lovely feelings and makes me wish I had better calendar foo!
(Fortunately, my religious community is filled with those who are better at CALENDAR than I.)
When I mention the rhythms of my life, and season-to-season, I’m not actually talking about the standard changes of the year – Winter to Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter and so-on. I mean the changes that occur within my brain and body on a regular cycle – apathy to ecstasy, illness to health, wakefulness to constant sleep. If locked in a space with no windows or doors and no natural light I could still (probably) calculate the passing of time accurately based on how I cycle. I wax and wane, gain and lose interests, have epic health problems only to bounce back…and it repeats and repeats and …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

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