Tattooed Tarot (TT) – Reading 1

By veggiewolf I used the Tattooed Tarot (a deck I’m still learning) with a random significator and one card for each query made.
Significator is the 3 of Wands: (The card was reversed, but I don’t read reversals.) Enthusiasm, great energy.
Query One is 9 of Swords: Oppression, imprisonment.
Query Two is the High Priestess: Study, knowledge, intellectual understanding. Femininity, silence, introspections.
Query Three is Knight of Swords: Physical strength. Audacity. Challenge.
Reading of the cards:
This is the best time to start a long-term undertaking. You are stagnant where you are but fear that changing jobs will trap you. Free yourself of your fears before they become an obsession. Try not to be impulsive and take time to think – listen to the advice of a wise person. You can get where you need to be through study and introspection and application of these things to your current situation. Looking at other alternatives is right for you – there will be changes coming that may severely upset your life.
Looking for a new job is the right way to go, but make sure you are prepared and have put in the necessary time and effort to be able to …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

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