Take My Week. Please!

By asterbreo April 8 – 18, 2013
(OK, that’s more than a week. I’ve got personal crap, too.)
April 8: Begin death vigil for beloved family cat, Buzz, 13 years old.
April 10: End death vigil for Buzz. Bury him in the backyard.
April 10: Beloved family cat, Lola, enters health crisis. Rush to the vet, then the emergency vet clinic. Learn that Lola’s kidneys are failing, her diabetes is no longer controlled by daily insulin shots, and she has Cushing’s disease – each of which is likely to be fatal to a 14-year-old cat.
April 11: Begin hospicing Lola.
April 15: Boston Marathon bombing. 3 killed; 180 wounded, many seriously. (Also, Tax Day. Enough said.)
April 17: Ricin found in letters sent to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. (Point of interest: “Elvis” did it.) [4/23/13 UPDATE: Charges dropped against that suspect. So, Elvis didn’t do it. Not this “Elvis”, anyway.]
April 17: Senate blocks gun control measures. Unbelievable.
April 17: Huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas. Current reports: 15 killed, 160 injured, lots of property damage.
April 18: U.S. citizens unite to tell …read more

Source: Liminal Lotus