Octopus Handshake

By veggiewolf There are days when being a Kemetic feels as overwhelming and endless as shaking hands with an octopus.

Nice to see you! Want a hug?

Octopuses are fascinating creatures, and I’ve been enamored of them since I was a preschooler. Seriously, my grandmother used to show me the pictures of octopuses in the encyclopedia every single day – I’d keep asking until she did. I still love them, and all cephalopods. I visit them at aquaria; I read about them; I watch nature programs dedicated to them. In a word, I’m obsessed. But this is not why I’m comparing half of my religious practice to being entangled in an octopus’ magnificent arms. I’m making the comparison because it works.
Let’s consider for a moment what modern-day people wanting to pick up the religious practices of Ancient Egypt have in store for them. First, there are at least ten defined periods to choose from before the Romans took control, and each has its own nuances and idiosyncrasies. The gods aren’t necessarily the same, and in some instances are quite different (The Aten, anyone?) The creation stories vary; the roles and bailiwicks of the deities vary; the …read more

Source: Fluid Morality