Mirrored People – a response

By veggiewolf The creator of FlameKeeping, Genevieve Wood, recently shared the introduction to her second book, which is a work in progress. This introduction caused a reaction I wasn’t expecting and that I felt was worthy of writing out and exploring. So, with her permission, I present to you below the content in question (in italics) and my response to it (in plain text).
Mirrored People
What do we see, when we look at other people? It’s simple, with strangers. We just see a stranger. A grocery clerk, waitstaff, someone passing in another car. And even here, we see examples of mirroring. When our mood is bad, people seem to be crankier to us. When we’re cheerful, we see people in a different light. Same people, but our mood gets reflected on them. But it’s a quick interaction, a small mirror. What about people we see more?
I tend to put people in boxes based on their role in interactions with me, and so I’ve not really thought about how I reflect off them. I size them up, look at what they are doing in relation to what I am doing…and into a box they go. There’s movement between boxes, …read more

Source: Fluid Morality