By veggiewolf Come to me, Peak of the West.
I have cool water to nourish you; I have cool water to nourish your ka.
Come to me as a sweet breeze and I will quench the lion within.
Every once in awhile, someone asks about Meretseger. They hear her name, or see her image in a museum somewhere, and wonder just a little bit…until they either find something else to read about, or decide that Wadjyt is really the one they should focus on, or get frustrated at the lack of available data.
Or, all of the above, really. There’s not really a lot of easily obtainable information – one has to dig further for it than, say, for information about Ausir or Heru.
So, what do we know about Meretseger? Well, for starters, she’s a cobra goddess, and was worshiped locally in the settlement of Set Ma’at which is known today as Deir el-Medina. Set Ma’at was home to the craftsmen and artisans who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and is fascinating to read about and, I imagine, to explore – there are records of community life in the settlement that span almost four hundred years.

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Source: Fluid Morality

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