By veggiewolf Khepri’s place in the Amduat (far right).

Shining One; He Who Created Himself; One Who Is in the Nun;
Guide me through this transformation.
I would become more.
There’s a special place in my heart for Khepri, the rejuvenated morning sun. Maybe it’s the name, which literally means “to become” (derived from kheper). Maybe it’s the fact the Khepri is represented as a beetle (specifically, Scarabaeus sacer), or a beetle-headed hawk, or a beetle headed man. I like beetles, especially scarabs.
(Well, I like them as a concept. I’m okay with big beetles, but those little ones that advance across my desk like a tiny dinosaur-mech army? EW!)
It could also be the fact that Khepri is (often) a forgotten god, and you all know how I like to give love to the forgotten. Or, maybe all of those things come together with a number of other components into one giant ball of epic godhood…with antennae!
Antennae aside, Khepri has meaning for modern Kemetics beyond the obvious scarab jewelry (I’ll bet, in fact, that many of the people wearing such things don’t even realize what it represents) and so I really wanted to include him in my Forgotten Gods series.
So, what do …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

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