By veggiewolf I never expected to beg a plant to spare the life of someone I loved. I also never expected that it would answer me.
In 2012, someone I care about very deeply (I’ll call them “Z”) found themselves in a pit of despair, likely related to both clinical depression and an incredible mountain of past and current family problems. Z couldn’t find a way out and, at the time, had no “official” support network – no medications, no psychotherapy, and almost no one to speak to aside from me and one other friend. They were desperately looking for some way to jump-start getting better that could be done on their own terms…and they found it in an infamous plant from Gabon. I’m talking, of course, about Tabernanthe iboga.
Tabernanthe iboga is native to western Central Africa and has known psychedelic properties. Chewing the bark of the root can cause hallucinations and visions, and it is used in religious ceremonies by practitioners of Bwiti in Gabon, Cameroon, and the Republic of the Congo (sometimes called Congo-Brazzaville). Initiates to Bwiti take large doses of T. iboga, but it is more often taken in smaller doses for rituals …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

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