By veggiewolf My brothers’ best friend died on April 16, 2014, two days before Good Friday. He was 45.
The funeral was April 22nd, and I attended in support of my siblings, both of whom were very close to him, and very shaken. Although their friend (I’ll call him “S”) was ill for quite some time, his outlook on life gave the people who were closest to him hope that he would go on for many years to come. My middle brother was hit particularly hard – S was his best friend for over 15 years.
The service was one of those non-threatening, no-particular-denomination, Christian blancmange public religious rites; it felt comforting, and had moments of lightness mixed in with quotes from great men and a place for people to “say a few words” if they “felt so moved”. No one did feel “so moved”, and I’ve been to Quaker meetings where more was said by those attending…but that’s not the point, really. The point is that this particular public rite struck me as being designed for the people left behind rather than for S…and specifically designed to be as non-offensive as possible.
To me, this completely misses the mark.
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Source: Fluid Morality