D is for “Desperation” and “Duty”

By asterbreo Dear Reader,
Thanks to the crappy things happening in my life, I’ve fallen way behind on my Pagan Blog Project posts. The group is currently on “J”, but I haven’t done “D” yet. Unfortunately, I just received some inspiration for a “D” post.
A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a friend of mine, Kelly, whose family is in a desperate situation. Kelly, her SO, and her young son are currently homeless and have been living in their small pickup truck. They do not have money for shelter, or even for regular meals.
And now, the family’s circumstances have worsened. They need immediate assistance.
Here’s part of a message she sent me last night, after I asked her how things are going:

We were offered a crap trailer for 75/month and thought, ok, we can do this until the end of the school year. We were there for two days when [my SO, a combat veteran who suffers from severe PTSD] cracked, and damn near broke, from all the stress, no sleep and not eating. Here’s the clincher: as soon as we paid our rent, the [landlady] started yanking us around and finally kicked us out on Friday.
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Source: Liminal Lotus