Can You Help a Family in Desperate Need?

By asterbreo Dear Reader,
A friend of mine, Kelly, and her family are in desperate need. They have lost their home, thanks to some bureaucratic crap. They’re currently living out of their small pickup truck. Literally. Three people and a dog.
Imagine your family living in your car!
We’ve set up a fundraiser for Kelly’s family, to try to help get them through this unbelievably difficult time. All donations (except for the small processing fees charged by the host website and the payment processing company) go directly into an account that only Kelly can access. Alternatively, donations can be made directly through Paypal (which the fundraising site does not accept), by sending funds to (That’s Kelly’s SO.)
They have tapped out all the public resources in their area (central Washington state) are now relying on private food banks and dumpster diving for recyclables.
The goal of $3,000 is enough to secure the truck and basic temporary housing for the next 2 months — enough time to get Kelly’s son through the rest of the school year and to give the family time to find a better solution.
This is not a scam or a random stranger on the internet. This is a …read more

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