Baby Steps – Paganicon 2014

By veggiewolf I mentioned, in an earlier, post, that I would try and do a recap of the talk I gave at Paganicon 2014…and I’m going to try to convey what we discussed and how it went. Before I do so, though, I do want to thank everyone who attended despite it being at 11:00 AM on a Sunday morning after much drunken hedonism the night before. Would that I’d participated!
(Not really – I seriously needed not to have a hangover.)
The topic of the talk was, of course, Baby Steps. To be more specific, I presented on bringing religion into everyday life and actions rather than separating the two things. So many of us do this – we have LIFE, and then we have RELIGION, and we keep them as separate as possible. In order to be true to our spiritual selves, however, I believe we need to be able to integrate the two…and this is what I presented.
I, personally, divide my LIFE into four parts – job/school; family; personal time; community – and I drew a square made up of four puzzle pieces labeled with these things. I then put a circle around it …read more

Source: Fluid Morality