Information on or Experiences with the Minoan Brotherhood?

I have heard some podcasts recently discussing this tradition, and I find it kind of interesting. While not a reconstructionist path, it involves Aegean and Near Eastern influence, and apparently honours the Great Goddess Rhea, and her consort, the bull of heaven, Asterion. The Brotherhood is a tradition of homosexual men, while there is also a Minoan Sisterhood, a lesbian offshoot.

I wonder why the Minoans became the subject of a homosexual-oriented tradition, probably just because it was what the tradition’s founder, Eddie Buczynski, was interested in. Although, I think he founded a Welsh tradition previously. He was a Gardnerian initiate, so I think the MB has Gardnerian influence as well, and a three degree system of initiation.

There aren’t any MB groves in my area, but I have been in touch with a priest in the US who has offered me long-distance training. I’m not sure if I’m going to do it, as I sort of prefer to do my own thing when it comes to my religious practice, and don’t have much desire to participate in any organized tradition unless it’s something I really relate to, but I am interested and might do some outer-court studies before I decide one way or the other.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this tradition?

Looking for Books about disability in Mythology and Folklore

so yeah, I’m looking for books or other writings about disability in mythology and folklore and disability and deities. I have The Other within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture, and Psyche

I’ve got my eye one Oedipus Borealis: The Aberrant Body in Old Icelandic Myth and Saga but it’s really expensive so if any one has read it I would like to know what you thought?

I’d prefer books written by people with disabilities but if you’ve read something really good that isn’t I’ll look into that too.

Offerings to the Gods

I was recently contemplating the whys of different offerings to the Gods and I would love to hear people’s take on it. I found this link and wondered how other people felt about it:

Usually when I offer food I leave it out for several hours and then dispose of it outside in nature. However this interests me as a practice. I also offer oil to fire, and incense as well.

How do other people deal with their offerings and what other sort of things do you offer?

Am I Possibly Practicing the Wrong Faith?

I like to be able to easily see: “Yes, this is exactly the religion for me because all of these things coincide with my own beliefs.”
When I discovered Wicca, I decided this was the case for the most part, maybe, but not exactly. And like I said before, I don’t like it when things aren’t perfectly clear.

So here is what I do know: I discovered tarot, enjoy it, and feel I have a strong affinity for it. I agree with the one rule of Wicca (to harm none, essentially) but also understand most Pagan religions share this rule. I enjoy the rituals of Wicca and like to celebrate nature and the earth. But then we get into dieties….

This is where I feel fuzzy. I believe there is something out there. Someone perhaps. Maybe multiple. But I don’t feel I can call this being or beings by name.

So I guess my question is, does this matter? Or am I possibly practicing the wrong faith? I love opinions, hit me with everything you’ve got!

How do you believe the universe was created? Do you believe in creator god(s)?

I’m interested in how you guys think the universe was created and whether you believe there was deity involved with it at all?
Also, if you could say what path you are that would be great.

My views:

I’m a medium- hard polytheistic, somewhat animistic witch but I don’t do much with the gods. I have shrines set up and I do acknowledge them but I don’t really involve them with my workings.

As far as I’m concerned about the creation of the universe, it was the big bang and all that jazz. No deity involved. I’m a bit unsure about where I believe the gods came from. I sort of have the belief that they came along with life when it started on this planet, whether they kick started that I don’t know or really care. I don’t really believe that they have much, if any, influence outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and I kind of think they sort of evolved with the Earth. (And for that case, for life on other planets, those planets have their own gods.)
I’m a bit wishy-washy about the whole thing because it’s not an important part of my beliefs or practises so I don’t really give it much thought. Bit like how I don’t really hold firm beliefs about what happens after death because I’m more concerned with the here and now.

Pop Culture Paganism

So apart from tumblr blowing up about it for a while now, now some BNPs are weighing in on the subject of “Is it okay to worship figures from pop culture as deities?” (Note: Not just “is it okay to incorporate popular culture into devotional practice.)

Here is the article that started it all:

and then see here, here, here, here,here, and here.

My own response to this issue is here.

I left out some links because then I’d be here all day.

Suffice it to say (sorry for all the linkage) that this issue has led to some hurt feelings and has pretty much divided my blogroll down the middle, so I’m interested in hearing your take:

Is it okay to worship/work with pop culture figures as deities/spirits in their own right?

How Do You View Death?

As this is in the “Gods, Goddesses and Mythology”-section, I’m asking this: How do you view Death – as in the god or goddess thereof? Have you interacted with any of the deities associated with death and if you have, what were your feelings? With or without that kind of interaction, do you view Death as a fearsome figure or not?

One reason for me to ask this is because of a working gone even deeper I imagined and of a god I met there and what happened. Usually, this particular god hasn’t seemed to get true cult and there isn’t that much UPG to find either – but to me he was clear as crystal about his identity. Now, I’m a not-recon but recon-minded and I’m still wondering. In my own mind I’m dead sure (pardon my pun), but…

This was almost a decade ago, but due to info relating to that particular god and the lack of UPG, I’m still hesitant to say who it was who said “keep being fascinated by death, but as soon I got you handed over by Anpu, I knew my job was to keep you alive” and that he did.

Studying for 2 Years and Still Lost at Sea

So, I’ve been studying off and on for 2 years or a little more. Roughly since I found this forum and made an account. I am completely lost.

I still feel a connection with something and I want to continue but I have no idea what direction to go in. I have a little altar representing the elements and I have had a few things on the Solstice, Yule etc but I am not after Wicca. I am interested with working with a deity but at the same time I have a hard time reconciling the fact that their could be a deity. I don’t want their to be and I’m not sure if anything is out there but I can feel something and I want their to be. Does that make sense?

I am interested in herbalism and kitchen witchery, folk magic (I actually listen to a lot of New World Witchery and love it) and very much the order of the natural world. I do related almost everything to Evolutionary Psychology and Biology. That’s just how I think if it gives you any indicator. I am interested in Celtic lore and anything from the British Isles really. Something else that I’m interested in and don’t know where to start is Slavic lore. I am half Russian and my family immigrated here in the 1910 or so. My grandma, who I never met, practiced a combination of “Old Country” magic and Catholicism. I have no idea where to start since I don’t know that side of the family. Any Slavic specialists?

I’m not quite sure what this post is about, I guess, have any of you experienced people encountered this and what did you do? How did you start because I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I’ve read at least a dozen books or more since I started researching, all on different beliefs and I still come to nothing. Thanks for your advice in advance!

Brighid and The Cailleach

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working with Brighid for the last couple of years and at the moment She is my only deity. I’ve recently been reading a bit more of the Scottish mythology about Brighid (also known as Bride here) and it’s very tied up with the mythology of The Cailleach.

In some tales, The Cailleach has Brighid imprisoned over the winter (roughly from Samhain until some time between Imbolc and Beltane) until Brighid escapes, bringing spring to the land. In some versions, Aengus Og rescues Bride and they marry. In others, at the end of winter The Cailleach travels to Tir Na Nog and drinks from the fountain of youth, becoming Brighid.

Previously, I haven’t paid much attention to these stories but at the moment they strike me as important. So, I have questions, especially for those who work with either of these deities.

1) Do you consider Brighid and Bride to be the same?

2) Do you work with The Cailleach and Brighid together?

3) How do you see the relationship between them?

4) Anything else?