merry meet

hi my name is willowlily i wanted to be called this name he but i miss speled my name
is there any way i can change it to WillowLily  please
i was a member here before i cant remember my password and username also no e mail either
unsure if my old account was delated because of non use but am hoping to be back here  and post more

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Foster Care? Problems with Religion and Identity

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. It’s been a bit of hectic season.

My partner and I were married on 10/13 after being together nearly two years. We had a handfasting in the woods and it was marvelous. I should put some pictures in the members only forum. :)

I recently came to the realization that I am genderqueer/non-binary. I had a bad bought of dysmorphia after a breast lift surgery and went to therapy and it all clicked into place. I’m somewhat still in the closet, but I’ve adjusted my life to a place where I feel more comfortable, and I’ve never been happier.

Now that my son is a bit older (2 and a half) I have been thinking of fostering a child with the hope of adoption. I’m wondering if I should even list my gender identity on the application and I’m concerned that we will be held under a microscope because of my religion. I’ve already decided not to say anything about our girlfriend that we see every four months or so, because she would not be around the kids very much, if at all, and there’s no need for the state to know that. I don’t want to lie about my religion because, well, there’s evidence of it in my house everywhere. I don’t want to have to clean up my altar whenever a social worker comes over.

Has anyone else here fostered a child? Did you face discrimination because of your identity or religion?

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Honouring the Cailleach

Winters finally here (more or less ;D)! This time round I feel a strong pull to the Cailleach, I’m not sure about working with Her. But I feel the need for reverence. I honour Frau Holle by doing handicraft, keeping the flat clean, cozy and decorating it with greenery. :)

But I’m stumped as how to honour the Cailleach. :-

Two ideas that spring to mind are learning aeromancy and lithomancy.

Does anyone work alongside Her or include Her in your practice? Any ideas, suggestions etc. will be greatly welcomed! :D

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Benefits and Drawbacks of the Anthropomorphization of Deities

In many religious traditions, deities are understood to be something fundamentally different from human beings (not in all cases, I recognize in some traditions – some forms of Chinese traditional religion for example – many deities are recognized as having once been human). However, in many, though not all religious traditions, deities are often represented in a human like way. In short, non-human deities are frequently represented as human-like beings.

I think there are very good reasons for this; after all, a tremendous amount of our cognitive capacity is associated with understanding and negotiating human relationships, so the fact that we try to understand the (I personally think) fundamentally unknowable natures of the Gods with a more familiar context is not surprising. I think there are benefits to this viewpoint – most importantly it allows us to create and sustain religious relations in a way that is somewhat comprehensible to us.

However, given that fact, I think there may also be some drawbacks to the anthropomorphization of deities. Firstly, I think such representations may cause us to overestimate the human-like qualities of deities – For example, we may expect benefits to result from worship on our part while deities may have a very different idea of what obligations are required of them as compared to a human in a similar context. Secondly, I think – depending on the deity and the worshipper – a non-anthropomorphized representation of a deity may be more effective in allowing us to establish relations. For example, though I sometimes think of Skadi as a woman, I far more often picture her as a mountain or a blizzard.

To try and be more clear, though I think there are tremendous benefits to worshipers of the anthropomorphization of deities, I don’t think that such representations necessarily work work for every person or every deity. My question for this thread is to what extent, and in what contexts, you find anthropomorphization to be a useful way of relating to deities.

Personally, I find I don’t frequently anthropomorphize deities which are primarily associated with natural phenomenon – Sunna, Mani, Nott, etc. Deities, which, conversely I associate more with human behaviours, say Frigg for example, I find difficult not to conceive of as humans.

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A new Seeker

Hey there,

I’m fairly new and full of questions.
I’ve read up on wiccan beliefs and ethics, and much of it resonated with my personal believe, so I started to investigate further.
After digging through wikipedia and the /r/wicca subreddit (and their FAQ) I like to find some people to talk about what I learned and things I started to question.

I’m from Germany and I was raised without a religion, so everything that contains the word “spirituality” made me sceptical at first, but I’m slowly getting over my precudices.

Since my journey just started, I’ll be gratefull for every help or insight.

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Oldie But Newbie

Hi, my name is sardonicseeds. You can call me seeds or SS.  I have been in the pagan community off and on for twenty-five years.  My faith has been ever involving, but I sort of stopped being pagan or actively pagan after my kids were born. Now that they are older, I want to get more into it. My faith these days is more spiritual and agnostic than Wicca or goddess-centred witchcraft. I’m looking to connect with other spiritual non-religious witches as well.

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Offering abstract concepts?

I’ve been thinking recently about the Kemetic practice of offering ma’at to the gods. ‘Ma’at’ being a concept that loosely translates into ‘truth/order/rightness’. In rituals, ma’at was represented by a small statue of a goddess or by a feather, but the actual offering is the concept. I’m wondering if there are similar practices in other traditions.

Most of the time when we discuss offerings, we talk about objects or sometimes actions, but I can’t recall any other examples of offering an abstract concept.

(Ma’at is also a goddess in her own right, which means this is also offering a deity to other deities, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish>)

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Signs from dieties, how to recognize and where to look

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to pagan practice and I’m feel myself being pulled in the direction of Wicca. My main question for the group is how to tell when dieties are sending you signs and in what facet  do they reach out to you?

In the past few weeks I have seen an increased amount of deer in my area (central Pennsylvania). It’s the middle of hunting seasons around me so I know that they are on the move but my sightings don’t feel like a normal movement.

The other night I was driving home from work in a bad snow storm and I started to verbally pray to the good and goddess to guide my hands, head and heart for safe travel and in that moment I saw three doe cross in front of me. Then again about 3 weeks back I was driving into work and within I would say a mile to two miles I saw to buck cross with one stopping and looking at me.

I know this has the potential to be a sign but sometimes I’m to blinded to see any specific pattern or determine if what I’m seeing is a pattern.

Can any of you help me understand all of this?

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New and Searching

Hello Everybody,

My name is LuciusW and I am new to this forum (well forums in general). I’m from a small rural town in Central Pennsylvania just north of Harrisburg.

I just started my journey down the Wiccan path because I got an internal calling to travel down this path. I have started reading “Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” in which I am learning a bunch of information but I want to learn more. I was hoping to join this forum to learn from others where reading and researching by myself might fall short.

Sorry if this post is very vague I apologise, like I said I am new to this and do not know how to start off or continue.

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Rituals for breaking free from a former religion

I am interested in hearing about any ritual you have performed or know of for breaking free from a former religion.  This could also be a ritual for breaking ties generally, but I am most interested in a rite for letting go of a former religion.

I need to devise such a ritual.  I am good at creating ritual, so I am confident in my ability to do this, but knowing what others have done could help.

I am entering therapy to deal with the aftermath of my terrible experience with Roman Catholicism and associated OCD.  No offence to any Catholics or the church — I just didn’t have a positive experience.  I will probably work through the therapy before doing the ritual.

I am not interested in performing acts of blasphemy black masses myself since I still work with Christian symbols and characters, though I don’t mind reading about those things in the thread if those are the rites you’re familiar with or have used.

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