Happy Twelfth Birthday, Cauldron Cill!

The very first Cauldron Cill shift began at sunset on 3 January 2007, twelve years ago. As I am every year on the Cill’s anniversary, I’m blown away by how long we’ve been around.

The annual check-in thread is up in the Cill’s private board; please give us a wave there to let us know you’re still keeping your shift. If you can’t see the private board/check-in thread, let me know here or via PM so I can adjust your permissions.

This thread is for celebrating! Happy anniversary to us!


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Flyby of Furthest Object Yet in Our Solar System

Too cool, esp. its weird configuration!

Snowman-like Photo of Ultima Thule Sent Home by NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

And I love the common name, not only because it gives a designator for each part, but because it’s a case of life imitating art! If anyone remembers the ’70s sci-fi series Space: 1999, the episode “Death’s Other Dominion” featured a human outpost on the far-flung frozen world of Ultima Thule (which was the first time I’d ever heard the term)

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Backflow incense

Has anyone used backflow incense?

I can’t use incense sticks and the like, because the smoke makes me feel nauseated, and my husband would also not tolerate it – I’m wondering whether the smoke from backflow incense makes the room smell of the smoke, or does it keep itself confined to the region of the incense holder (as some of the photos online would *seem* to suggest)?

Does anyone else with issues with incense have any other alternative suggestions?  I know there’s been threads along these lines before, and I myself tend to drop essential oils onto tealight candles & burn those, as one alternative to incense.

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A question for the journal-ers

I wasn’t sure exactly where to put this, but anyway… do you journal?

If so, what do you journal about, just in general terms?  And is there a specific way in which you do your journaling?

I’ve just started a dream journal, and I’m obviously writing a little account of what happened in the dream and then listing any obvious symbols or themes that cropped up in it (also the date, what day of the week, what I’d been doing the day of the dream -working or not- and something about whether I’d consumed anything that evening which could impact the dreams I had, such as alcohol, cheese or spicy foods).

Is there anything else specific that you’d include in any dream journal entries?

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Free exercise videos via the UK’s National Health Service

I can’t recall whether I’ve shared this site previously (and I also don’t know whether these videos are in a format which will actually play outside of the UK…)

But our National Health Service (NHS) website has a ‘fitness studio’ section on which they’ve made available a number of free exercise videos:


I find the ‘Pilates with MS and Fibromyalgia’ one particularly helpful, along with ‘Beditation’ (very basic yoga), which might actually be a useful resource for people who’d like to take up meditation but are struggling with starting out.

(There’s obviously loads of exercise videos on YouTube, but I’m wary of trying just anything because I don’t want to risk injury, so I’m confident that the above should be pretty safe.)

Hopefully these will be of use to some members on here?

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