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I am a new member of the website and I am seeking some explanations regarding paganism and religion in general.

(Introduction to follow. I apologize in advance if people may find it too long).

I identify my religion as Roman Catholic (also African diaspora) on my profile; however, I am at a loss as to what to put there as that is a Faith I do not practice anymore (but still on the parish records). I have also during my life as a Catholic practiced several other paths described commonly as “Occult”. I really didn’t identify or feel comfortable with them, and I am looking for a different community. I have investigated non-theism for many years, and my mother’s family came from a former communist country (many are self-described “militant atheists”/ex-Lutherans/Catholics), but I do not feel completely comfortable with any of those various religions/political systems (some forms of socialism definitely; Marx, etc. some of the others, have always been an influence).

Religion has for me been a big part of ethnic identity.

My father’s family is very Southern US, Louisiana and Virginia in particular. We grew up as Creole/Cajun (my ancestry on dad’s side is South France, Catalonia, Sardinia, English, German, Welsh, amounts of Filipino and African – often found in New Orleans/Southern Louisiana area people). I have significant Scandinavian and German ancestry on my mother’s side (most of my overseas relatives are in Germany, Poland, Czech, Russia, Sweden, Ireland) and a whole lot of Celtic.

I was always drawn to the pre-Christian religions & languages of Europe and India (grew up with many Hindu and Sikh friends).

The biggest interest has always been in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European religion (broadly), Celtic religion, Germanic, and my greatest interest is in the historical Vedic religion. I feel extremely drawn to the Vedas (and not necessarily Hinduism, except Shaktism) so much so that I learned Sanskrit in addition to my German (and other languages, Louisiana French, etc.) and I am preparing to get a PhD in Indo-European linguistics (among other areas).

Since being more open, my family is so confused by me. Last year I was literally listening to Rigveda before Midnight Mass to calm me, as I felt nervous about going to Mass (sorry to say something more and more common over the years).

The Catholic Faith is very beautiful, as well as the African traditions (I used to keep ancestral altars in my home, which I love to do), but I had a personal bad experience with Roman Catholicism and when my family left the Church it was a bad time, almost like we lost our home but were free of a lot as well. This is difficult subject, I understand that and I do not want to put down the Catholic Faith or any Catholics. Just sharing my own subjective experiences. We have great friends there still and we love all of them. My priest does not seem too happy about any of this, but largely our Catholic friends/family have been understanding.

Because of my multi-racial background I am very nervous to get involved with any modern pagan movements/religions. I am mostly of the European racial category (don’t really believe in race however), but I have heard a lot about racist attitudes/actions in neo-paganism, like at Charlottesville. Is this true? I am very open to the life-affirming nature (sexuality as well) of the historical pagan religions and the love of nature and not really using images/idols, identification of the gods as natural/mystical forces rather than people sitting on literal thrones in clouds (for me that is more of a way of visualizing these “forces”). I am not at all interested in Western Occultism, but I really do want to learn about many things. I am still trying to find words to describe everything and some kind of physical and non-abusive (also inclusive) community. I will say that I am very skeptical and science-minded and base most of my beliefs on reason and science.

Right now, I work as a teacher to Adults (ESL and Literacy in the community) and as a Librarian and Independent Researcher. Goes without saying that I love reading and writing. I write many different kinds of fiction, in addition to dry academic papers/articles. It may be important to note I have been influenced by a Semitic pagan (self-identified witch) who was a friend and romantic partner from Israel of the Russian Jewish ethnicity (born in what was then the USSR). I am beginning Russian language studies because of communication issues and as a fun new hobby.

Thanks for reading!


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Starhawk at an event in NYC

Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance, will be speaking at the Alchemist’s Kitchen right here in my neighborhood this Thursday, Nov. 8, from 8-9:30 PM:

Symbol, Allegory and Magical Feminism: An Engagement with Starhawk

I’ll be there, and if they’ll let me (I’ve sent an email query) I’ll livestream from the event…or if they’ll be live-streaming it themselves, I’ll provide the link.

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Hi all,

Are there any priests of Apollo around? I wanted to point out how easy it is to see signs in the Sun these days (although interpreting them can be a bit tricky). There are many different Sun monitoring websites with both real time and historical images that can be accessed using different solar filters such as the AIA 193 Angstrom which I use personally.

I’ll make this a bit fun if anybody is interested. There was recently a sign of a man and his dog being beckoned by Aphrodite suggesting that either Mars or Adonis was in the process of ascending. Indeed it was the extravagant suicide of someone in particular that caught my attention to look to the Sun in the first place. The sign can be viewed for the date April 18, 2017.

You’ll have to be a bit open minded about this one as I can promise you that the truth is not popular.

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In need of some more brain food!

Afternoon all, I’m gonna keep it short and sweet because for some reason I am ridiculously tired. ^^;

I’m looking for books/resources on the following:

. Finnish Magic/Paganism

. Celtic Magic/Paganism

. Slavic Magic/Paganism

My system is in dire need of some structure. So I’m hoping that I can turn up some similarities between the three paths and so give myself a more sturdy foundation on which to build my practice. :)

Many thanks to anyone who can help! ;D

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Hello all.For the last 2 years or so I have been drawn to Hypnos  the greek god of sleep.For some reason everything I have researched about him has drawn me more to him.Of what I have researched and learned there is not to much about him,and im not sure if he really is out there or if there is another god or goddess of the same nature,like of sleep I guess.Does anyone know more about him?

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Dies iræ, dies illa Solvet sæclum in favilla, Teste David cum Sibylla?

For those who can’t read Latin, or don’t recognize the verse, the title of this thread comes from Dies Irae, an old Catholic hymn about the day of final judgement.

It translates roughly to “Day of wrath, that day, the world is dissolved in fire, witnessed by David and the Sybil.”

I thought it made an appropriate title for this thread, since it specifically and intentionally invokes the authority of Jewish and Pagan prophecies about the End of Times, despite it’s Christian context.

So, that’s what this thread is about: the End of Times, the Final Judgement, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarok, Götterdämmerung, Doomsday… the end of the world, of humanity, and perhaps even of the Gods.

What does your tradition say, if anything at all, about the end of our world, or our universe? If you follow a cyclical faith, what does it say about the end of the phases of that cycle?

When does it come? How does it come? Who lives, who dies, and how so? Why? What comes after?

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Spells for separating a couple-

Hello to all.

One of the spells I am now interested in is one for separating a couple(not married)in which one of the partners is very absorbent, and is isolating the other partner from family and friends. I don´t want to cause harm to any of them. I do not want quarrels nor violence among them: only  weariness, boredom, indiference, and lack of passion.

Could you help, please? I want to learn.

Thank you

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spells and language

I have a question regarding magical spells and language. My native language is greek, and english is not my native language. When I want to perform a spell that is in english language, should I translate the spell into greek or should I use english? Can we perform spells of foreign languages?

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Unclear about a rune reading – help?

This was the first time I did a rune reading at Samhain. (If it matters, my first ever rune reading was the first of this year as an attempt to see what the coming months would bring.) I used a five-rune spread that I saw in a video from someone who developed it specifically for the occasion. A sort of introspection-geared spread, the center is meant to show where you are presently. The runes to the left are meant to show what is on the way out, like in the near past or thereabouts. On right, things which are coming.First rune in the center, the other four are in the four corners, like if you laid them out to form a square.

Center rune was Mannaz, on its side.

Runes to the left: Wunjo (reversed) and Fehu. Wunjo on top, Fehu on the bottom.

Rune to the right: Ehwaz (reversed) and Perthro. Ehwaz on top and Perthro on the bottom.

I’m…not sure what to make of it. I think what’s throwing me is having Mannaz on its side and then, well, how does everything else related to that? Or does having a rune on its side not mean anything at all?

Workday starting. Gotta go, will check back later.

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