Cards Pendulums and Energy Healing.

These are the things have kinda worked for me.  My pendulum just tells me whatever it feels like telling me if I ask it questions.  Its like it wants to make me happy and doesn’t bother to fact check itself.  But I can assess chakras with it.  It will spin and I can see I have balanced and corrected the Chakra in need of such things.

Well, I thought this would be a cool way show my sister Chakras were real.  I could hand her the pendulum and she could feel them spin the pendulum.  Proof, easy peasy!  That is so not what happened.  Pendulums are dead to her, I mean Dead.  A demonstration is not the same as feeling it.  Why isn’t anything easy?

I confirmed her right palm chakra was slowed down, but she wouldn’t let mojo it, or check and balance her chakras.  But I think might believe there is something to that now.

With cards, they are spooky about always giving the right cards in any reading. Saying the same thing with different cards, same cards turning up like bad pennies.  The pendulum says cards work like this for everyone and pendulums do not.  Is this true?  I don’t trust my pendulum.

And sometimes in a reading I use my pendulum to try an assess the meaning of a card in the spread.  It seems to be working with honestly there, but its so untrustworthy when cards are not involved.

My lapis pendulum just disappeared.  My amethyst pendulum refused to help me locate it.  I think it is because I am supposed to have a family outing with my mother-in-law and the lapis allows me to speak things they’d rather I not say for the sake of the day.  They swear it will turn up.

I need advice about using a pendulum with a card reading considering my troubles with them outside of chakra work.  Should I?  They seem okay and like me using the cards.

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Allergic to Wheat!!!

Okay, I developed swelling in my legs and had no idea why.  I have eaten low-carb to manage my weight off and on for years.  I was having dental work and it was hard to eat meat and veggies for a year so there was a lot of wheat in my diet.  I did not want to go carb free or rather grain free again, so I continued to have bouts of swelling for 3 years.

In the end I was swollen all over like a giant stuffed sausage and had gained tons of weight.  Turns out I was allergic to bleached wheat the very most and a little to unbleached wheat as well.  I can still eat occasional small amounts of unbleached wheat.

I lost about 10 to 15 pounds of swelling and water when I removed wheat.  I thought my problem was all refined carbs and starches, sugar, rice, potatoes.  The real reason my low-carb diet was working so well was the wheat was gone.

I can still have a Monster Java.  I can have a wheat free cookie made with gluten-free flour containing rice and potatoes and my weight is still correcting.

The most horrible thing is while I was sick, I lost all sex drive. I thought I was on meds, old and that was just over.  When I got well, it came back!  Granted then I had to correct some problems, but still it was a shock that the wheat allergy caused that.

Also, not eating wheat isn’t so bad compared to a strict low-carb diet.  I can use the gluten-free flours and make myself just about anything.  Since I am lazy, I do eat low-carb a lot, tuna salad, turkey patty, veggies that are quick to make. Eggs, lots of eggs.  Cheese.

It is a diet I can live with a lot easier with than a strict low-carb diet.  But before you go out and cut all the carbs, just cut wheat and see what happens.

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Looking the Part?

Okay, I have a gamer daughter, I have a Goth Daughter, I have a well-off but still lifts couches husband.  Their clothes tell me all of this at a glance.  My clothes have been saying, baglady.  To learn the cards, I do a lot of self-readings and it keeps coming up that my outside and inside do not match up well.

Basically, the cards want me to have a makeover and dress outside to reflect who I am.  I have bought some things and I suppose I could go make some makeup.

I was watching a Youtube video about making money doing readings and girl talked about branding.  I think perhaps my guides started getting ideas.  But I have in the past received random acts of charity during the Xmas season because I dressed so poorly before leaving the house.

And so it is that I am on the topic of dressing in a way that is truly stuff I love and reflects my personality.  It all seems so shallow.  And yet I would feel better.  I gained a lot of weight but I can still look like me, the shirt is just bigger.

I am going for a dressy hippy kinda thing.  You could buy it at Belks.  Actually, I got the shirts at Belks and Bell’s Outlet. They are going to Xmas gifts.  I also went on Etsy and got card bags and Lenormand cloth.  If I want to do a reading for someone, I want them to know I care about the cards and this is special to me.

I guess I went a little overboard trying not to be vain.  Or perhaps I was just upset about the weight gain.  It’s odd what you find out when you ask the cards.

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Hey everyone =)

I mainly joined because I want to learn more about Paganism/Wicca. I’m basically an absolute beginner, so I truly hope I don’t step on anyone’s toes while I’m here.

Outside of this, I’m just a typical 25 year old. I work full time and have 2 ferrets and a kitten living with me. =)

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I was just fired today.  I am very much in a state of numb shock for the moment, even though I suspected the situation was untenable due to office politics.  I  had hoped to be given a chance to show that I was worth the effort but it was not to be.

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I had an account on the old message board. I haven’t visited message boards for years now. I guess I felt like I needed to figure things out on my own. I’ve definitly evolved in my practice since then, but I’m still not experienced when it comes to witchcraft. I mostly practice folk magic and pick what I find useful from different magical systems. I’m influenced by traditional witchcraft but my approach is not very ritualistic. I’m also a solitary practitioner.

I’m happy to be here again and I hope to find likeminded people!

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Pagan Witchcraft as Primitive Religion

By “primitive” I mean “closer to the origin” rather than unsophisticated or anything like that. Traditions of pagan witchcraft like Wicca and Feri claim ancient origins, going back to the indigenous traditions of mostly Europe, but also Africa and the Near East and pre-dating the patriarchal pantheons of the more advanced polytheistic civilizations and modern monotheism.

The actual historicity of these traditions is pretty questionable before the 1940s, but it can be argued that the ideology of the primary deity being a mother goddess immanent in the natural world, celebrating the cycles of the sun, moon, and earth, having an animistic view of the world and practicing rituals of sympathetic magic have a basis in very primeval religious practices.

Unfortunately, pagan witchcraft seems to have lost this perspective. I don’t know if it’s because of magic in the media and people not being able to distinguish fiction from reality, but instead of pagan witchcraft being viewed as a revivial of hunter-gatherer spirituality, now it seems like it’s an excuse for obese goth ladies and mentally ill individuals to pretend that they have magic powers. I’ve found the pagan groups I’ve come into contact with are so far from what I was looking for that it makes me want to give up on paganism, but I find that there are enough good ideas in the traditional books written by people like Doreen Valiente, Starhawk, and the Farrars (though, of course they aren’t flawless) that I can have a satisfying practice on my own if not with the nuts who identify with this community.

Has else anyone found this? I feel like the genuine spirit of pagan witchcraft as a more pure, primeval human spirituality rooted in the natural world has disappeared, and it’s become more of a sci-fi/fantasy LARPing game or escapist experience.

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Syncretic Polytheism

I was not sure where to post this, here in Beginners or a more advanced Thread. Since I am new here, I am posting this in the Beginners section.

I am curious to hear from more advanced or experienced practitioners on this topic. I am also open to opinions from new folks as well. Everyone is welcome to comment. I am sure there are a variety of views on the subject, and I would like to hear them all.

The topic is syncreticism or identifying one God or Goddess from one Tradition with a God or Goddess from a different tradition. For example, the Celtic Taranis, a Thunder God, has been equated by some with Jupiter, the Roman God.

My question to practicing Pagan Folks is this: can one God in one culture or pantheon be viewed as an incarnation of another God from another culture and other pantheon? Are Taranis and Jupiter expressions of the same God in two different cultures, or are they separate, distinct deities that just have similarities?

I believe that some Wiccans believe in a Great God and a Great Goddess, and view the many Gods as expressions of the one Lord, and various Goddesses as expressions of the one Lady. Then I am sure there are a lot more pagans (many or most?) who are more strongly polytheistic and view most Gods and Goddesses as distinct and different individuals or entities.

So, I think there is probably a variety of different beliefs ranging from a type of theism where all gods are incarnations of one God or Goddess, down to a syncretic polytheism where some Gods and Goddesses in one culture correspond to other Gods and Goddesses in different cultures. Finally, there probably are a number that view all Gods and Goddesses as separate entities, separate and distinct individuals.

I am asking others to maybe express what their belief is on this subject and also if they have ever encountered contemporary pagan traditions or groups that hew to one of these various perspectives.

My own area of interest is the idea that one God or Goddess in one culture *might* express themselves with a different name and presentation in another, different culture. Thus, Taranis might just be what the Gaulish Celts called Jupiter, and Jupiter is what Romans called Taranis. That is, they might be the same being or entity expressing himself in two different cultures.

I would like to know other people’s thoughts and perspectives on this subject.

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Board Help

Is there an Edit function? Can I edit my posts? I realize that I might have put a technical question in my Introduction Post and would like to edit it out. Also, can you respond to your own posts? I would like to add to or clarify my initial post. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. I am new to this Message Board.

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So I briefly had an account here several years ago but could not access the account information. I have started a new account. I am an Eclectic Universalist with a focus on Celtic Spirituality, amongst others.

I am still getting used to the interface here. I am not very tech savvy. How can I change my Avatar? I was looking at my Account Settings and could not immediately find a function to change the Avatar.

Anyway, I am new here, again. I have experience in my own spirituality, but I am always looking and learning. So in some ways I am a beginner, but in other ways more experienced, a mix.

I am looking forward to participating in the community here.

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