Spirituality In Daily Life

I used to practice traditional Japanese Karate and we did a recitation of the Dojo Kun (Training Hall Rules) at the end of every practice session. The Dojo Kun is: Seek perfection of character, Be faithful, Endeavor, Respect others, and Refrain from violent behavior.

The Martial Art also taught self-discipline, respect for self and others, be humble, engage in daily work and effort, and a focus on fundamentals. This guideline to behavior was carried out of the Dojo and into daily life.

I was wondering if there could be any sort of thumbnail guide to daily life and behavior like this in any of the various paganisms? Does your philosophy or religion have anything practical to say about daily living and an ethos of paganism, for lack of a better term?

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ADMIN: Cauldron Annual Donation Drive — The 2019 Edition

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Food & Drinks for the Deities, Spirits, and Such

As of late, I’ve been trying to think what to offer to my deities – Dionysos, Persephone – as well as my ancestors, and the local land spirits. This thought process comes after doing a recent offering and getting the feeling that it was meh – as Eastling put it (after doing a Tarot reading), “The offerings were what they [The Gods and Spirits] expected at this time, but you will get better at doing them.”

So I’m wondering, what do you offer in terms of food and drink to the Gods, Ancestors, and Spirits?

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Adventures in tofu

I spent the weekend making tofu from scratch and I feel very proud of myself :) I also feel like I’ve discovered some kind of mundane Mystery, so I’m going to post about it in great detail.

Why bother?
I lived in Japan for a couple of years and often ate tofu there; it was cheap and I liked it. By comparison, the tofu available pre-packaged here in North America is just plain nasty. I often missed it but thought it would be too difficult to make myself. Meanwhile, I got my own place and began to get more comfortable with my cooking skills. I eventually stumbled on a couple of Youtube videos and articles on making tofu, and it seemed simple, if time consuming.

The practice run
My first attempt was a proof-of-concept using a carton of soy milk and vinegar as a coagulant; I used a sieve as a mold. The texture turned out OK, but the flavor was … off. (Even the unsweetened soy milk I could find had unspecified ‘natural flavors’ in it, and the vinegar didn’t help.) I decided to shell out for more proper ingredients.

The First Stage

125 g dry soybeans
4 cups water (not counting soaking water)

Turns out making soy milk isn’t much more than “soak, puree, boil.” I did buy a nut milk bag especially for this, for $5. The soy beans were dirt cheap at the bulk store. From the above amounts, I got 1 liter of soy milk and about 300 grams of okara (bean pulp).

I did not expect fresh soy milk to taste like raw snap peas. It’s weird but not bad, and utterly unlike the boxed stuff. I still have no idea what those ‘natural flavors’ were supposed to be.

I fried up the okara with some vegetables for lunch, it was pretty good, though my resources were right about how much fibre it has. Beans don’t usually give me the stereotypical gas, but this stuff sure did!

The second stage

1 L soy milk
1 tsp nigari (magnesium chloride) (+ half a cup of water)

The nigari took a bit of hunting to find. I ended up ordering it on Amazon; shipping was a bit expensive, but it’s a liquid in a glass bottle so that’s understandable. It smells like swimming pool water and tastes super bitter. All there was to do at this point was pour it in the soy milk, wait for curds to form, then pack it in the mold and wait for it to set. Basically a lot of waiting. Instead of a purpose-made tofu mold, I got one of those berry keepers that’s a nested bowl and sieve (handy for rinsing and storing the tofu afterwards). Also, I lined the mold with coffee filters instead of messing around with cheesecloth.

The result
Fresh tofu is as amazing as I remember! With a cool, creamy texture (kind of like scrambled eggs). I ate it for dinner with some sliced cucumber and a bit of miso dressing; just the thing for a scorching hot day. Definitely worth the effort and I will be making it again when I have time.

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“No Other Gods Before Me”

So the Commandment states that “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me”. This seems to admit that there ARE other Gods, just that the Israelites should not worship them by command of Yahweh, their National God. Since this was part of the Covenant between Yahweh and the Tribes of Israel, does it actually apply to peoples and gods who are not Israelites and outside of this Covenant?

It seems to admit a polytheistic reality, but demands monotheistic worship. Since there are “other gods” in this view, then who are they and where do they come from? If One God created these beings, then what is their purpose? It has been said by some Irish Folk that the Tuatha De Danann, the Irish Pagan deities, were later viewed by some Irish as Angels that were not Fallen, but not Celestial either. They were viewed as sort of midway between the two worlds, Spirits not of Heaven or an Infernal Realm. Rather, they were viewed as Spirits of this World and Earth. Nature Deities/Spirits. This seems to me to be some Irish trying to reconcile old Pagan realities with the newer Judeo-Christian reality.

I am acting a bit as devil’s advocate here, but if these beings were created by the Judeo-Christian God, then what did He create them for in the first place? I am sorry if this line of thinking is a bit strange, but this issue has been bothering me since I was a kid, and I have never seen it dealt with effectively anywhere, online or in books. The implication in the Old Testament is that there are, in fact, other Gods, but that they are at best subordinate to Yahweh.

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Celtic Reincarnation

Caesar wrote that the Gaulish Druids believed in transmigration of the soul, ie reincarnation. This also jibes with Celtic Mythology somewhat as often times the heroes, gods, and goddesses in those myths transform into various animals, maybe an indication of reincarnation beliefs or maybe the practice of spirit workers connecting to non-human beings, ie various animal forms and a metaphorical transformation into an animal form.

So I am wondering what people here think of the idea of Reincarnation in Paganism in general and Celtic spirituality in particular. I would also be interested to hear what folks from outside of Celtic Traditions think. How do some forms of Wicca or Religious Witchcraft deal with Afterlife beliefs? What do Pagans in general tend to believe, or is there just too much diversity to boil it down to a simple answer?

I have seen some self-described Atheist Pagans (Atheopagans) on Facebook who mostly agree that there is no Afterlife. I wonder if one can believe that and still be considered a Pagan? But maybe death of the body and cessation of consciousness is a natural process, and Pagans are known for embracing nature. So, what are the metaphysics of Afterlife for various Pagan Folks?

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Rock And Roll Paganism

So I have seen other threads about music and Paganism. I thought I would specifically reference Rock Music and its relation to Paganism. I get a certain “paganish” vibe from some Bands, particularly Led Zeppelin, whom I listen to regularly. There are some Metal Bands that use some Occult tropes, like Black Sabbath. I do prefer Zeppelin though.

Anyway, I was also inspired a bit by Eastling’s apotheosis of Freddie Mercury, and I wondered if a similar thing could be done in regards to Zeppelin. This even though three of the original band members are still alive at the time of this writing. So, Rock and Roll Apotheosis. Interesting topic to me. Also, Zeppelin just gets me into a good headspace. I wonder if this sort of music can be used in trancework. So, just a few thoughts.

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Get rid of black magick influence on our love

So, we ware 5 years engaged. We celebrated every month our important dates, and allways around those days we had horific fights. We broke up few days ago and I found out from multiple clayvoirant personas that he was locked to not have a luck in relationships and that our stuff were buried in 2 different graves to make us apart. And thats what happened – he is now cold as that grave. I checked with pedant and it said there is something black and evil around our relationship.

I am planning to do some cleaning and banishing of evil energy if it’s around our relationship. To see – if there is still our love alive, will that solve the problem, if evil made us to brake apart. Cuz he became whery evil and blamed me for everything, he changed over night, whatever I say he make it totally different. He said I don’t know what I feel I am angry on everyone and he left.

I didn’t practiced for years spells and now I am thinking about some cord banishing spells …
What you think about all this my magick intentions? Do you have some spell recomendations? And is there posibility that black magick done this??

Blessed be!

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111-Hertz sound wave treatments

I was just reading about the awesome health benefits of 111-Hertz sound wave treatments
Apparently, it rejuvenates skin cells, accelerates healing, and even kills cancer cells

I got to thinking about it, and an A string on a bass guitar vibrates at 220-hertz, meaning that A2 is going to be roughly 111 hertz
Therefore, if this is true, it would seem to follow that fans of bands like Metallica and Motley Crue should be exceptionally healthy, and bass players in general should be all but immortal

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Astronomers probably just saw a black hole swallow a dead star

Some 900 million years ago, a black hole released a terrible belch that echoed through the cosmos. On August 14, the resulting ripples in the fabric of spacetime passed through Earth—giving us the best evidence yet of a never-before-seen type of cosmic collision that could offer new insights on how the universe works.


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