The apotheosized and the apotheosizing: working with deified mortals

A few months ago, I thought my gods were calling me to ancestor worship; it turned out they were telling me to look into actually worshipping certain deified mortals. I’ve been working that out ever since, and I’ve gotten an amazing amount of spiritual and personal mileage out of it. But it’s left me with a few questions.

One–has anyone else had similar experiences, wherein a known Power or set of Powers points them at worshipping the apotheosis of a historical human being? In my case, I was following gods who had very clearly previously identified themselves as Dionysos and his wife Ariadne when I got told to do the new thing as well–I have a suspicion these particular gods may do it more often, since they’re so associated with the process of apotheosis (see various studies of Dionysian imagery on funerary art; the one that’s stuck with me most is Kerenyi’s discussion of it in Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life). But I don’t know.

Two, and it’s a bit more complicated…how do you handle it when one of the deified mortals you’re naturally being led to is more apotheosizing than already apotheosized–that is to say, still alive? For a while I was simply ignoring that question, but I strongly suspect my life actually needs the energy of this particular Power-to-be, and I’m not sure how to approach that.

New Grimoire-thing

So I have ADHD and this means I can never decide how I want to do things. I get very excited about a notebook, but sixty pages in I realize I don’t want to take 200 pages of notes on Tarot cards in that book, or I don’t like the paper color, or now I want to paint meditations on goddesses… or heck, I just lose the notebook, or don’t want to carry three notebooks and a planner around with me, even though I often want to study/journal when not at home.

Well, I had an early birthday, and this is what I got:

It’s called a traveler’s notebook, and it’s the indecisive person’s journalgasm. If you’re not familiar, basically, it’s a cover, and you can add from one to seven or more little notebooks inside, and it’s easy as hell to make your own notebooks.

A lot of people use them as planners. Mine is my planner, but it’s also where I’m going to keep Tarot notes, notes on spells, my goddess work and studies, nature sketches, meditations, other spiritual stuff, etc.

It’s also fat, and I love fat leather-bound notebooks:

It has pooockets!!! (That’s not my info on that card. It’s a card for a yoga studio I picked up somewhere.)

A bit of cover art:

Just thought I’d share! I’m super excited about having a flexible place to keep notes on my practice and spiritual explorations since it’s ever evolving and I have the attention span of a lobster. And I figure if something is working for me, it might work for somebody else. I love the idea of a gorgeous illuminated book where I keep all of my deep magical and spiritual wisdom (that I definitely don’t have at this point), but the odds of me ever completing such a thing are nil and would paralyze me anyway at this point in my spiritual journey. (Btw, the original Midori traveler’s notebooks are kinda expensive, but mine is from Amazon, and if you live in the US Michael’s apparently has a super cheap faux-leather version if you’re poor like me and don’t have a convenient birthday coming up.)

Drums for ritual or meditation

Drums photoWhat are people’s experiences with using drums in your practice? Drums come up in many traditions around the world, so I imagine there are many ways to use them. I’d like to hear about some!

This isn’t entirely idle curiosity; I recently bought a small pellet drum (the kind with two clappers on strings that you twirl around) with the thought that I could use it for something, but I have no idea what.

Recommended Fae/Faerie Lore Books?

Fairy photoI was wondering if any of you knew of any books that had to do specifically with faerie lore. Things regarding how they were viewed, what was done around them, where they resided, etc. I have picked up many books that really only “touch” the subject, they will say faerie kind was revered or the like, and then nothing more! They fascinate me so and I would love to read about just them if possible!

How do you build faith?

I am obviously very new to paganism and Wicca. I’ve attended a non-denominational Christian church my whole life and just never grasped the concept of faith. Christianity says “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” well I’ve heard it for 32 years now and I still have no faith.

As I’m reading and researching and learning about Paganism/Wicca, I ask myself, and all of you, how does one build faith?

New SMF Board Coming Soon — Important Stuff to Know

As you probably know, our old vBulletin board died about a week ago during an attempt to upgrade it. We decided to just bite the bullet and replace it with an SMF board. This new board is almost ready to open (we hope). Messages and member accounts made it over.

The most important thing to know about the new board is how to log on. You use your username and password from the old vBulletin board, however, the first time you log in you will be asked to enter your password a second time. Also if you try to log in and receive an “Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again” error, you need to be sure you are accessing the board with a url that starts with ““.  If it starts with” (or ““) you will get this error because “” is not technically the same website as “”. Moving to the more secure “https” means it is more picky about such things.

Here are some other important/interesting things to know about the new SMF board software:

1] Messages from Old Board: We believe almost all messages and threads from the old board made it to the new board. The few that are missing are from the last 24-48 hours on the old board. The backup made just before trying to upgrade the old vBulletin software failed, so we had to use the previous backup to recreate the board on this new software. Some BBCode are slightly different between the two boards which means that sometimes “raw bbcodes” will appear in messages originally posted to the old board.

2] Avatars and Attachments from Old Board: Unfortunately, neither uploaded avatars nor attachments uploaded with messages successfully moved to this new board. The attachments are simply gone — nothing can be done to recover them. You can restore you avatar, however. There are hundreds of “standard” avatars to select from on this board (including all the standard ones that were on the old board). If you used a standard avatar you can just reselect it in your profile settings. If you uploaded one of your own, you can just upload it again (also in your profile settings). To get to your profile settings, hover over on your avatar (which is one auto-generated by the board at the moment) in top menubar, hover over the “Modify Profile…” item in the profile menu, the click on the “Forum Profile” item in the submenu that pops up. You can also just click on your avatar in the top menu and go to the profile area and use the menus there. Note that this top menu “floats” — that is it is always available no matter how far you scroll down a page (assuming you have a modern browser).

3] Visitor Messages: Visitor messages (in your profile area) did not move either as they are not a normal feature of SMF. We’d added a mod with something similar, however. You can enable a “Wall” in your profile area to allow visitor messages on your profile (see the Wall Settings in your profile area). This works something like the status area on Facebook — both you and others can post there. You have some control over who can and you can remove wall posts you do not like, etc. This only appears if you turn it on.

4] Suggested “Layout” Options: We suggest you turn on the following in the Look and Layout section of your Profile (by checking the box next to these items and pressing the “Change Profile” button:
* Return to topics after posting by default.
* Hide messages posted by members on my ignore list.
Others can be set as you wish (as can these two, for that matter).

5] Social Groups: None of the Social Groups from the old board made the transfer. We’ve added a social group mod that allows social groups with many of the features found on the old vBulletin board. You are welcome to start a new social group.

6] Wiki: The wiki did not make the transfer — there is nothing like it for SMF. This means no wiki pages for social groups. All the material that was in the public part of wiki made the transfer — as messages on a hidden board. They are currently hidden from view while we try to figure out how to make it available.

7] Likes Replace Karma: We have replaced the Karma system with a “Like” system where messages on many (but NOT all) boards have a “Like” button (near the bottom of the post (above the signature, if any). Please only like messages that you consider really good. Liking every message as some people do on Facebook is a waste of system resources. This is an experiment. If the system does not work out well, it will be removed.

8] Blogs and Other SMF Board Features: This board has many new/different features — many of which are currently turned off. New features will be activated slowly. One of the new features that currently IS active is the Blogs feature. Members can start their own blog on the forum. Posts to the blog need to follow the same rules as posts to the message board.