What You Need to Know About How To Clean Dog Ears

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Dogs are prone to dirt and wax build up which is only natural when they have their heads so low to ground all the time. For many dogs it means that their owner has to take on the responsibility of cleaning the ears for them, but then how to clean dogs’ ears so it’s a pleasant experience becomes the challenge.

Our dogs depending on which breed they are may have long or short ears, those that hang to the ground, or stand straight up. Then of course there is the long hair or short hair to deal with. All of these contribute to what kind of potential dog ear problems they could end up with. They key to being able to stop many ear problems before they can start is getting your dog used to you working on him in this area.

A dog that is suffering from discomfort and irritation is not near as likely to cooperate. There is always the danger in a situation like this that you could damage the inner ear which would lead to serious problems

When you first bring your dog into your home as a new addition to your family the first thing you need to do is some obedience training. During this time your dog learns to get used to your commands and your touch. This is the ideal time to train the dog to allow you to handle his ears and gently clean them using the proper dog ear cleaning procedures.

Some dogs just don’t like having some parts of their body touched like their paws or mouth and yes, even their ears. By first starting to rub your dog’s ears then getting him to allow you to turn the ear flaps back so you can inspect them is the first step. You want to proceed from here by getting him to let you put items near them like your grooming tools. Getting used to the dog brush and comb teaches him to adjust to foreign items in this area. This will go a long way in his accepting the ear cleaning solution when the time comes.

At first, even though this dog ear handling exercise is not a discomforting experience your canine friend may put up a bit of a fight. He may pull away from you or start dancing around. You need to be persistent with your training sessions in this area until he learns to sit absolutely still while you go through this handling procedure.

Even though you will eventually get the dog to the point where he is obedient during ear handling and has progressed onto letting you clean his ears as a preventative, you could run into difficulty when you have to clean these when they have become itchy or irritated. The whole focus at this time has to be on not creating a painful experience. The big culprit for doing this is by using dog ear cleaners that sting or burn when used.

Routine inspection and cleaning of the ears is important, and more so if you are beginning to notice signs that something is not right with the dog. Shaking his head, rubbing it along the carpets are two good indicators something is wrong. Often it is the dirt and wax build up that is causing this. Although a relatively minor problem to correct with the right dog ear cleaner, it can turn to an ear infection if left unattended to.

The best medicine for your dog’s ear of course is the preventative type. Using a product that is gentle and safe but works well is a great problem solver, and is even better when you can continue to use it to prevent the dirt and wax build up.

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By Useful Resources. Finding the right dog ear cleaner is really important not only for getting the results of clean healthy ears for your dog, but to do so pain free. A gentle cleaner provides a more pleasant experience for your dog, and makes your job a whole lot easier.

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