How to Make Your Own Massage Oil

This article explains how to make your own massage oils for much less that they sell for in stores.

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Massage oils can cost a fortune in the shops but they are so simple to make.

To start with you will need a base oil, generally Grapeseed oil, Sweet almond oil or even Olive oil from your supermarket. If its good enough to eat then its good enough to put on your skin! When selecting a base oil you can select a mixture of oils adding in thicker oils for skin nourishment like Avocado, Jojoba or Calendula oil.

Along with your base oil you will need a selection of Essential oils. Remember a 10ml bottle of Essential oil may cost you a few pounds per bottle but they will last for a long time and most Essential oils have a shelf life of at least 12 months.

When selecting your essential oils look at which blend well, maybe start with an aromatherapy kit or purchase 1 or 2 of your favorite smells. It is easy to find information on the Internet about blending essential oils and which benefit which moods, skin and conditions. Alternatively ff you have a favorite massage oil look at the ingredients on the back for some hints (They usually use the INCI botanical name for the ingredients so pop them into a search engine to find out). Be careful when using essential oils as there are some which have contraindications, in other words not to be used with certain medical conditions or pregnancy etc.

When blending a massage oil you need to add your essential oils at a ratio of 2-5% (1% for children under 7 and elderly) So how do you do this? Don’t worry the math isn’t too complicated.

1ml Essential oils = 20 drop, 5 mls Essential oils = 100 drops

The below is based on 1%:

So if you have 100ml base oil you will need 1ml of total essential oils (20 drops) for 1% strength. If you want 2% strength then times by 2 (40 drops) and if you want 3% times by 3 (60 drops) and so on.

If you want less base oil then reduce the ratio:

So 50 ml base oil = 10 drops for 1%, 20 ml base oil = 5 drops for 1% (double for 2% = 10 drops and so on)

When adding your essential oils do it gradually and smell as you go, its easier to add than take away.

Once you have made your massage oil the total blend will have the shelf life of the lowest shelf life in the ingredients. Store in an amber bottle out of sunlight. A good idea is to make small 10ml bottles of blends at a time. (The 1% ratio would be 2-3 drops per 10 mls) and store. Once you have started making your own massage oils its great to look online for recipes and ideas not only for massage oils but bath oils, salt scrubs and creams.

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