The Art Of Fortune Telling with Ordinary Playing Cards

Don’t have a Tarot deck? You can use ordinary playing cards from divination. This article explains how to read a deck of playing cards.

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It seems that the magic has not yet worked on the minds of humans to fend off the beliefs in enigmas like fortune telling and supernatural mysteries dwelling into existence for centuries. Somewhere down the corner of a modern man’s heart, the belief still prevails that if a fortune card is flashed for him, its trailing customs are going to effectuate his life. The art of tarot card reading has yet captivated the vision of a modern man till date, as it had captivated the mind of an ancient man back then. Unusual random foreseeing signs from individual domains of Gods. Varied prognostics occurring in the sky. Rasping chants from fortune gypsies. Howling strange behaviors of birds and animals in the woods. Positioning and cremation of animal bones in a set of fire. Ask the crystal ball to get all your questions answered. Abstract visions, dreams, phase out memories’ — are just the enough amount of evidences and customs for a man to believe in the prowess of fortune telling.

It’s the dawning of light into the certain unknown- yes! it is fortune telling. It is foreseeing the future of life or human and perhaps the past comes along with it too. Generally, a deck of tarot cards is known for divination, where in, the mere reading of tea leaves or couching runes are almost the random, hidden mysteries that lead a teller to certain acclamations. But now-a-days fortune telling with playing cards has become equally famous in this domain.

History Behind Fortune Playing Cards

Practically there a few chief categories in the field of fortune telling with playing cards namely: the tarot cards, the standard (French/English) deck of 52 cards, the Spanish naipes and the Italian/Sicilian. Amongst all these major categories, the cards are sectional divided into three equal sections explaining the meaning of the fortune telling cards; first is the astrological associations, second; the key words and third; the numerical significances. Studies under this topic says that using playing cards for tarot are known to be an integral part of true tarot cards because they were used a lot in olden days for fortune telling. Its learned that two decks of cards were split apart at a given point of time to create a deck of fortune playing cards. The significance of these cards have emerged into existence since 16th century Europe and was probably started by the Romany (Gypsies). You can catch up more on this buzzle article called history of tarot cards.

With this take let’s delve further into this article to learn some free fortune telling with playing cards tricks and and their corresponding playing card meanings.

How to do Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

Before you get all fired up to start with the fortune telling, gather a deck of 52 playing cards at hand; which technically have come from the pack of 78 tarot cards. Well practically the tarot card meanings can be used to declare meanings in playing cards as well.

Getting Started

Separate the deck of 52 cards such that you simply end up with a deck of 32 playing cards. Following cards should result: aces, kings, queens, jacks, sevens, eights, nines and tens.

Meaning of Individual Club Cards

Now that we have comprehended the fact that playing cards are also used as tarot cards in the domain of fortune telling, playing cards have associated meanings with each representation. So just understanding the playing card meanings isn’t enough but you have to understand the meanings and combination altogether. Like the numbered cards represent the phases of one’s life, on the other hand the court cards like kings and queens symbolize people in your life.

Spreading the Cards
To start off with the laying process, begin to shuffle your cards swiftly as you continue to think the problem or question in your mind. Then lay them on the table before you. Now follow these simple steps for a session of fortune telling with playing cards:

  1. For one rapid question, draw out one card to get a simple and quick answer.
  2. Basically a spread consists of drawing three cards: the 1st card depicts the past. The 2nd card depicts the present situation. The 3rd unveils the future outcome.
  3. If you wish to draw a broader spread of playing cards, try drawing three cards for each of the following category: Your family. Yourself. Your friends. What you expect. What you unhoped. The result.
  4. Form your self categories pertaining to the yours set of questions.

Comprehend the Suits

  • Diamonds: Diamonds are generally the symbol of prosperity and good money. Also, a freedom and security from financial troubles.
  • Clubs: Clubs are cards that delineate paperwork and communication. Everything from a verbal conversation to an electronic mail.
  • Hearts: As the name suggests, cards with denote emotions, tenderness and feelings for sentimental situations.
  • Spades: Spades aren’t cast out cards. They denote the gravity of a situation and help you to understand to pay heed to solve a problem.

Ways of Denominations

Entity of Aces – A multiple of aces denote decision making. If black cards turn up, the decision is tough, if red turn up its easy. The ace of diamonds denotes a gift or card. The ace of spades, phew! Well it’s NOT a spell card!! The ace of hearts upside down denotes location away from home and right side up denotes, location at home. The ace of clubs denotes contact.

Entity of Kings – Usually a multiple of king cards stages documentation work like will, deed or tickets. The king of diamonds denotes red, fair or gray haired man. The king of spades denotes dark man. The king of hearts denotes a blond man. The king of clubs denotes brown haired man.

Entity of Queens – Queens of all gossips and rumors! The queen of diamonds denotes very fair, red or gray haired woman. The queen of spades denotes dark woman. The queen of hearts denotes a blonde woman. The queen of clubs denotes brown haired woman.

Entity of Jacks – Jacks stage communications not undertaken in a while. The jack of diamonds denotes an untrustworthy person. The jack of spades denotes an unmarried human. The jack of hearts denotes a stranger or a lover either or both. The jack of clubs denotes a friend.

Entity of Seven – Seven times a phase of time, day, week, month and year. Number seven cards represent time period and also the domains which are going to get affected in your life.

Entity of Eight – Eight eight shows the change! Yes, they are the cards of change and movement. It will tell you several fields of your life-part. The eight of diamonds denotes money. The eight of spades denotes different places in your life where you are going to be there in near future. The eight of hearts denotes love. The eight of clubs denotes a phone call or letter.

Entity of Nine – Nine nine change of mind! In a multiple nines if there are more blacks than the red ones, a change of mind is likely to take place faster. The nine of diamonds denotes surprise. The nine of spades denotes disapproval. The nine of hearts denotes your heart’s desire. It’s one of the best card amongst the entire deck. The nine of clubs denotes new information.

Entity of Ten – These cards usually depict traveling. The ten of diamonds denotes huge sum of money. The ten of spades denotes an occurrence which would take place on the present day. The ten of hearts denotes entertainment and party. The ten of clubs denotes hospital or professional building.

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