Spiritual Growth with The Tarot – The Sun

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small boy rides a white horse. He is naked, symbolizing openness (he has nothing to hide) and he rides bareback. The Sun is shining intensely over him. There are rays radiating from The Sun, some wavy, some straight. They represent both vibratory and radiational energy. The boy has his arms spread widely and he has a smile on his face. In his left hand he holds a flag pole with a long red banner attached to it. Red symbolizes energy. He is wearing a wreath of small sunflowers on his head. There is a grey stone wall behind him; large sunflowers, That seem to be growing behind it, show over its top. It is a light and happy, picture that represents a level of soul growth where we finally see all of the Light, the realization of who and what we really are–Spirit.

We have lived in darkness for a long time and the road to illumination has been long and hard. However, in reaching The Sun, we can see clearly that it has all been worthwhile. We see the Light; we are the Light!

At long last–at least for right now, we have reached our goal. There will be times when we slip back into the old patterns but now, after truly “knowing” the Light, we can know, without doubt, that we can always find our way back.

As we walk away from the ways in which we have deluded ourselves, throughout our lives, and perhaps through many lives before, it becomes possible for us to begin accomplishing our reason for coming into this Earth-Life. We can begin to express ourselves as the Spirit-Self we really are. The Sun shines its light upon us and, through its radiating light , we are en-LIGHT-ened.

This is the establishment of a whole new cycle of our life, and now we can really shine. And, actually learn about Love, the deep Spiritual Love of All-There-Is. We are encircled by this magnificent Love, as we always have been, but now we know it – it becomes real in our lives. We can actually feel it! And, as we are filled to overflowing, we begin giving this Universal Love to others instead of just receiving it.

This is the ultimate purpose of life – to partake in and radiate Perfect, Unconditional Love. No longer do we give love as some sort of bargaining tool, giving love and, expecting to receive something in return, we give Love freely and get our reward in the giving, itself! What a special way to live! This is the Key To real Happiness.

When meditating on The Sun, let it remind you that The Light is always there; if you stay connected to your spiritual self, you WILL eventually become The Sun. And, your life will change forever!

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