Spiritual Growth with The Tarot – The Moon

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The symbolism on The Moon is very interesting. The Moon, itself, shines above a dark landscape, shown in three different attributes, full, half and crescent. A face is depicted looking down at the terrain below in the half-moon stage. At the bottom of the depiction is a body of water; a lobster crawls out of the water onto a trail on the shoreline. We can see two canine figures, a wolf and dog. They are standing, one on either side of the pathway looking up toward the moon. The trail winds up through the hills, between two gray stone towers and up through a mountain pass away in the distance.

The figures we see at the picture’s bottom symbolize our development, physical and spiritual, in portraying this water creature in its evolution into a wolf and, through another step in evolutionary development, into the dog. It’s interesting that this last evolutionary step was produced by man, as is his own spiritual development.

The Tower gave us the flash of understanding which started our higher spiritual development process. The Star gave us enough spiritual illumination to show us that the enlightenment is available. Now, The Moon shows us more illumination. Meditation is beginning to take us where we want to go and the illumination grows still brighter. But, we need to remember that the light of the moon leaves many shadows. And in those shadows, are places where we can simply be misled, deluded.

We know now, that our true identity is spirit but, at this early stage ot our spiritual growth, it is very easy to slip back into our old belief pattern that we, in actuality, are really material beings. As long as things are going our way in the physical world, it’s quite easy to “know” we are spiritual beings but, when life becomes more of a challenge, oops! back to the old physical beliefs again! We are misleading ourselves here and, because we don’t have much light, it’s easy to fall back into old “inadequacy” thought patterns.

It’s time now to really put our spiritual achievement to the test. When we can get it through our old fears and feelings of inadequacy, those old “shadows in the light”, that we actually are spirit-beings, these “worldly” problems just can’t hurt us. We all need to keep moving toward the light, never mind the shadows in our thinking.

When you meditate with The Moon, let it remind you that, even though we’ll probably regress in our certainty from time to time, we’ll be able to defeat this. More light is coming to us! We just need to keep on with our spiritual efforts and the Spiritual en-LIGHT-enment will come!

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