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6 The Lovers

The Lovers (Photo credit: n0cturbulous)

The Lovers portrays a man and a woman, standing partially facing one another on opposite sides of the depiction. They are unclothed, symbolizing that they’ve nothing to conceal. Above and between them, rising up from a cloud, is an angel, said to be the Archangel Raphael, the angel of the air. He holds his hands upward in benediction above The Lovers. They seem to exemplify Adam and Eve. In back of “Eve” grows the “Tree of knowledge” with a serpent wound around it, it has its head extending toward her. The figures are supposed to symbolize the three layers of consciousness, conscious, subconscious and super-conscious. The male, the conscious mind, looks toward the female, symbolizing the subconscious. She looks up to Raphael, representing the super-conscious, as if for guidance.

From a metaphysical point of view, the key word for this card is “discrimination.” It’s the symbolization of our ability to “discriminate” what is right from that which is inappropriate. To put it differently, it constitutes our conscience. We make decisions every moment of each day. Many of these determinations are good for us and contribute to a beneficial resolution, and a few are not so good and do not work out so fortunate for us. This is why it’s so crucial for us to discriminate the merits of all sides of the question prior to making a choice that could or might not end up beneficial to us.

Here is a little secret; that which is widely believed to be wrong is wrong for a reason. Decisions which steer us away from the love of our fellow human, self-serving, uncaring choices, tend to likewise isolate our consciousness from the Divine. Once we decide to make our decisions in a considerate and loving nature, our consciousness becomes nearer to that wondrous power that interpenetrates the Universe – which, as a matter of fact, is The Universe, and we can experience it. That is where our conscience enters into the picture.

On some stratum, we all recognize that which is good for us and that which isn’t. We simply must listen. As you are just about to make a choice that could need some doubt, think about it. Pay attention to how you “feel” about that which you’re going to do. When you’re left with a doubt in your mind, it most likely Is not suitable for you. The proper course of action just feels proper, in some way. The inopportune one tends to leave a nagging uncertainty in your mind, a “bad feeling”. Therefore, that’s a good time to rethink your alternatives. There is always a good alternative for you, and once you discover it you will know it’s the right choice for certain – there will be no uncertainty in your mind.

When you meditate on The Lovers, remember to be thankful that the Creator gave you a conscience. Be grateful that you have something that can guide you in the right direction. As long as you are able to take the time to genuinely listen to your conscience you can make the decisions which guide you in the way that will bring you home to the Source, the Absolute, The Divine, All That Is. And, that’s a great direction to travel…

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