Spiritual Growth With The Tarot – The Hierophant

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hierophant is seated on his ornamented stone throne between two stone pillars, symbolizing the Law of Polarity. He dons a ruby-red robe over a lily-white gown. Upon his head, he has a three-tiered diadem and he grips a scepter with three cross members in his left hand. These symbolize our three degrees of consciousness; body, mind and spirit. Two petitioners kneel in front of him; one has on a raiment embellished by white lilies, and the other’s garment is ornamented by ruby-red roses. This symbolizes pureness and desire. There are two large gilded keys crossed at his feet – the Keys to paradise? He holds up his right hand with two fingers raised. It appears, to me, as if he’s saying, “Shhh! I’ve something to say to you!”

To me, The Hierophant symbolizes our Superconscious Mind, as I have remarked earlier, our God-Self, that portion of us that is One with the Almighty. Being Divine, in Itself, it knows all there is to know, and it will teach us what we need to know in life, if only we’ll be quiet and listen! This innermost instruction is called intuition, and it is accessible to us when we need it. Even so, it’s only obtainable when we genuinely listen for it. And, naturally, that demands meditation. That’s the only method by which we can be still enough to pick up that still, small voice within us.

So, a lot of people confuse intuition with a “hunch.” There’s emphatically a difference. The hunch is subconscious in nature and, although the subconscious mind is always dead-on in what it recalls, it can only give back to us what our conscious psyche has fed. Whatever reasoning the subconscious performs is confined to the manner in which we experience things consciously, and we frequently misconstrue what we experience on a self-conscious state; we encounter only that which we have been programmed to encounter.

Likewise, in meditation, we occasionally pick up the thoughts of various discarnate beings, and we surely can not always rely on these “messages” to be reliable and useful to us. Now – how can we recognize whether that which we see or hear in meditation is genuine intuition or not? There are a few tests that will never lead us astray.

First: genuine intuition, teachings from our Superconscious Self, never flatter us or say to us that we possess some exceptional function in the world or, maybe, that we’re intended to save mankind in some manner.

The reality is, very, very few of us are chosen for these things, possibly one in every numerous generations. And, if we should be a Chosen One, it won’t be left for us to wonder about it! It will become so substantial that we have no alternative but to pursue this Divine Path! We will not need to meditate to hear THIS calling, it will strike us on the head like a sledge hammer! Thus, if your voices or thoughts are flattering you in some manner, dismiss it, it Is not genuinely this higher intuition.

Next: genuine intuition imparts Universal Principles to us, not just the solution to a specific problem we chance to be confronting at the time – that is a hunch. The hunch, as observed earlier, derives from unconscious cognitive processes seeking to utilize that which it has been presented from the self-conscious mind to work out a potential resolution to a specific problem. Intuition will impart to us principles that can be of useful in any problem or state of affairs anything comparable to the one we are experiencing at present.

Lastly: intuition never interrupts; we must truly listen for it; we have to meditate. And we need to really clear our mind of the background interference that’s always going on in our mind. That is the reason it is so beneficial to develop a routine schedule of contemplation, to open ourselves to the Universal Mind. The better we arrange that, the better we’ll experience these intuitions that can become so significant to us.

When you meditate on The Hierophant it helps to remember that there is genuinely a portion of you which is at one with the Godhead, and that part of you is attempting to assist you regularly through your intuition. You must remember to listen!

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