Spiritual Growth With The Tarot – Strength

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, al...

Tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Strength card depicts a woman attired in a clean white gown, white symbolizes pureness of thinking and activity. Over her head is the cosmic lemniscate, a figure eight resting on its side, which is a symbolic representation of endless life and rule. On her head, she has a crest of roses and a sash of roses at her waist. Roses stand for desire and, as she’s clothed in white, her desire comprises a chaste and spiritual one. She’s bent over and gently closing(or some say “opening”) the mouth of a lion, which is standing before her. He appears to be gazing upward at her in a worshipful manner. No strain appears upon her face; she looks to be mildly and fondly taking charge of the beast.

The woman symbolizes our higher spiritual self, and the lion is a symbolization of our low, animal-like nature. Put differently, she, our spiritual self, is mildly moderating our fundamental animality. Which, naturally, is what we’re in this world to learn. Maturating spiritually, containing our beastly nature, while accentuating our more advanced, “God-Self,” is our reason for descending into this material level of beingness.

It is here that our real “strength” dwells. If we live our lives in our animal nature we spend our time “howling and wailing” about everything that’s amiss in our life. And – nothing changes. Like the old adage says: “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” We must attain that spiritual alteration in our life to find things starting to get better for us.

Remember – you create your own reality, daily, Through your opinions and expectations. Once we start seeing our life from a more spiritual, favorable view, living itself commences to appear more benevolent to us. Once we recall that we are in this world to learn and mature, spiritually, we will learn the true intention behind our “problems” in our life experience – they are lessons!

Now: we need to feed this animal part of ourselves, exercise it and give it shelter. We must care for it in all ways, because it is our home here in this material world. We certainly can’t just neglect it; it unquestionably has a function in our life experience, and merits our attention. However – we do not have to view life from its viewpoint. The lion is our shell, but our actual Self is the greater God-Self. We need to bear that in mind; that’s the pathway to happiness and genuine comfort in this domain.

When you contemplate upon Strength, remember that your real strength lies in knowing who you really are—Spirit—and that life’s “worries and sufferings” only impact your animal self, the lion.

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