Rune Reading: Tips and Tricks to Read Runes in Effortless Way

Runes are an interesting form of divination. This article suggests simple methods of reading the runes. The author uses the blank rune, but you can ignore it if you wish to be more traditional.

Runes Bag
Runes Bag (Photo credit: Nathaniel_U)

There are as many different ways of runes reading as there are ways to read and cast any divinatory system. You can get plenty of books from that will offer you several different methods to read runes including complicated readings using many runes. However, here we will begin with three simple casting methods that will allow you to start working with the stones straight away, while getting used to their forces and how they operate.

First step is casting methods. It is not required that come up with a immense elaborated ritual that contains casting a circle, invoking deity, calling quarters etc, every time you yearn to a reading. However you should make a practice for opening and carrying out a reading as stand by it. My routine is something like this:

I spread my rune cloth and then put all stones onto the cloth. I always put stones in their alphabetical order, the empty rune standing aside from the rest and the I say “Holy gods creator of earth, creator of us all, guide my hand as I cast the runes, bless me as I interpret their meanings, give strength my soul as I take into my own life.” Then I turn them all over mix them around clockwise manner, focusing on the question I am asking as I move the runes. Then I pick the runes and interpret.

You can add in incense or candles or have your own special method to reading the runes. You can even try a whole complex setup. It is all regarding what works for you. It does not matter what you prefer to do: the process will set your mind up for prediction and that is the motive here.

Now follow these steps:

Cast One — One Draw Rune

Ask you your question and draw one rune. This method is good for everyday casting, to make use of the runes as a guide for your complete day. For instance, before going to work, you ask the runes: what do I want to know make this day happy and successful for me?

Cast Two — Three Draw Rune

Ask your question and draw three runes. The initial rune is an overview. It gives you a basic understanding of your question you asked. The second rune is path of action and last and third one is outcome of this thing you asked and take an action on it.

Cast Three — Yes or No Draw

Draw three runes, if two are positive and one is negative, your answer is yes and two are negative and one is positive, your answer is no. However, sometimes things become complicated; here you might need an expert’s advice.

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