Learning to Love the Tarot Court Cards

Queen of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
Queen of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many many books on reading the Court cards, as well as various ways to approach these cards too. There are the suggestions that these cards are linked to someone with the same features as the card, for example, brown hair, brown eyes and young; or red hair, brown eyes and mature. Another approach might be that these cards are an energy and even perhaps the growth of an individual from Page to King, immature to sensible, of which I particularly like and work with, however, I would like to share with you another unique approach that has, quite frankly, opened my eyes on who these Court card characters really are!

Upon attending the Tarosophy Tarot Conference in Keswick in 2009, it was without doubt that the Court Cards would come into discussion and on this occasion, these 16 wonderful individuals had the stage all to themselves. These personalities didn’t appear as an energy or situation; male or female, but people…. real people, who we all know and love! How many of us know the Queen of Wands; that fiery woman who can hold center stage, enjoys the flamboyancy of being the center of attention and who is maybe a ‘go-getter’ and action hero? Maybe Angelina Jolie for instance? Who else in TV or film could we relate this too? Perhaps we are aware of the beautifully gentle, if not a little emotional King of Cups who puts others first without a second thought? At the time Peter Andre very much came to mind here for me! However, these genders are not fixed and can be changed vice versa. Which Court card would you recognize as yourself? We could also relate these same cards to family members – give it a try… you’ll be amazed, but most of all, you’ll have fun!

It was this way of loving the Court Cards as explained from the lovely Kim Huggens, author of Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards that really made me stop and think! Her wonderful description really allowed me to think about the Court cards in a way I had not even considered before! Another amazing way Kim talked about and actually having so much fun doing so too, was taking all of the Court cards out of your deck and picking 4 Court cards at random and placing them together. Now…. this is the fun part… let go of any thoughts of picking out the individual court meanings and allow yourself to play in your imagination and visualize a situation that you see, or feel, that these 4 people would be in given the cards you have drawn. Would they like each other, or would they argue? Where are these people – are they at home or in a restaurant for example? Set the scene and allow the cards to speak to you – really let your imagination and intuition play.

After working with the cards, learning meanings and allowing my own intuition to guide me best, this, I would say, has got to be one of the most effective and fun ways to get to know these 16 cards, although, as you will find, this isn’t limited to the Court cards – I’m sure that there will be elements of every card that you can link into different people or situations that will help you to focus on your intuitive insights and delve deeper into the wonderful world of the subconscious.

About the Author

Joy Duffill is a Tarot Consultant, Reiki and Angel healer, teacher and writer and is the Director of Angel Corner. Renowned for her love of the Tarot and healing, she reaches out to those all over the world, helping them to learn about themselves, encouraging them to enter the world of self development and healing – with a little help from the Angels too!