Learn the Four Card Elemental Spread

The Fool (tarot card), painted by Bonifacio Be...
The Fool from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Four Card Elemental Spread is an easy spread for those who love to read tarot cards. As with all readings, you should focus, shuffle your deck slowly and thoughtfully before laying them out on your reading cloth or special space. I always use a special reading cloth, lined with silk both to protect my cards and also to remind me that I’m about to embark on something special.

Take the cards from the top of the shuffled deck and lay them out, from left to right. The first card represents EARTH, the second AIR, the third FIRE and the fourth WATER. The interpretations I use for these are as follows:
Earth Money, practical matters, home life

Air Troubles, loss, quarrels

Fire Work, business, enterprises

Water Emotions, love, pleasure

Ok, the cards that came up for me are as follows:

Position 1 (Earth) The Empress

Position 2 (Air) 10 of Cups

Position 3 (Fire) Ace of Swords

Position 4 (Water) Strength

The Empress in the Earth position shows me that I’m happiest at home, content with family. It’s a card of abundance and lets me know that I should continue to work hard to gain all that I wish for.

The 10 of Cups, in the Air position, is another lovely card, adding another element of a contented home life, particularly at the end of a stressful day, when home is where you can relax and be yourself. The two pets, normally regarded as natural foes, are happy in each others’ company, having resolved any differences they might have, a lesson I should take on board with those whom I don’t always see eye to eye with.

In the Fire position is the Ace of Swords – a powerful card that signifies victory over difficulties but only after using up energy and inner strength. I should be prepared to move forward with any new ideas I have and the final card,

Strength, in the Water position, backs up the Ace of Swords as a card of self-empowerment and vitality. Strength is all about using your inner power and wisdom. As Water is a sign of emotions and relationships, I feel that I should always remember the strength of my personal relationships with those around me and continue to build on these.

Various card combinations tend to indicate specific events and you should always look for some confirmation from other cards.

The Four Card Elemental Spread is a great spread for both beginners and more seasoned tarot readers.

Practice your readings. The more you interact with your cards, the more familiar they will become and the easier it will be to do readings.

Consulting books and guides which tell you the meaning of the cards is helpful but remember that the tarot is an intuitive tool. This simply means that reading them comes from within, it’s instinctive and natural. Learn to trust your own judgment and go with the flow. Your first impressions of the cards during a reading are usually the ones to stick with. This is using your intuition and is the best way to read the cards.

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