Karmic Debt: Is the Number 13 Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Most people probably consider 13 to be a unlucky number. But is it really unlucky? In this article a numerologist talks about the number 13 in numerology.

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There is a common misconception about the number 13. Some people view it as being extremely terrible. Others view it as a bad omen. While some consider it to be extremely lucky.

Here in the West it is considered unlucky. Friday the 13th has been known to cost the United States economy billions, as some people are so scared to step out of their homes and do anything.

In China the number 13 is considered a number of difficulties. In ancient Mexico, the number was considered auspicious.

Today we will be talking about the Karmic ramifications of the number 13. Remember a number has the same meaning no matter where it is found in your chart.

The number 13 can be considered all work and no play, ultimately the root number of 13 is 4. 1+3=4. This tells us that the person who bears this number will need to develop discipline and not waver in their commitments.

If we break it down it will look like this the “1” symbolizes selfishness and the “3” symbolizes superficiality, and using words to harm others. This manifested itself into the 4, which created laziness, and manipulated others do their work for them. So in this life, one must own up to it, and buckle down.

One will have to learn the value of hard work, discipline, integrity, step by step building, patience, and dependability. If the lesson is not learned, that is when we keep on reliving uncomfortable situations over and over.

It should be noted that just because you have a 13 in your chart it doesn’t mean you won’t become successful. It just means that you will have to accept responsibility for all that you do, and you will always have an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders. One must learn to work constructively through the projects and trials, and not resort to negativity or taking the “easy” way out.

If you choose to take the easy way out, it will backfire. Success can be granted, it is just through the diligent efforts of the native, and not through get rich quick schemes, lying, falsifying and manipulating. If one chooses not to abide by this, and ignore it, then the lessons will be amplified, which could cause stress and deterioration of one’s health and life.

Success will come by focusing one’s energy, there might be temptations or instances where one can take a shortcut. Do not succumb to it. Do not procrastinate, and always keep your promises.

Focus, discipline, and consistent effort rule this number.

So if you have a 13 in your chart, roll your sleeves up and put your nose to the grindstone, success just might be one step away.

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